Best Celebrity Pixie Haircuts

We often refer to the most fashionable hairstyles of celebrities because these are the styles that are created by professional hairstylists and are right chosen. In this post you will find the best celebrity pixie haircuts that are trendy for 2019 and are copied by many women. Though pixies are boyish hairstyles but you will see how professionally our celebrities make them look feminine and subtle.

Rihanna Short Pixie Haircutrihanna pixie haircutAs a pretty black woman Rihanna always chooses the right hairstyles to enhance her beauty. Her boyish pixie haircut with too short bangs is one of the most stylish pixie haircuts for black women. It allows her to bring out her slender face features and draw attention to her shiny eyes. Many black women may copy this hairstyle of Rihanna.

Keira Knightley Pixie HaircutKeira Knightley pixie haircutWhen Keira appeared with short hairstyles everyone thought that she has found the best style for her. These hairstyles not only go with her face shape but also turn her into another beautiful lady. She looks very stylish with those brown highlights over and there on her pixie haircut and is very sophisticated with the long bangs covering her forehead.

Miley Cyrus Pixie Haircutmiley cyrus pixie haircutSide pompadour hairstyle of Miley that suits her face shape is a trendy hairstyle. It’s very alluring especially due to the contrasting hair coloring. Her dark roots along with light blonde hair color grab quite attention for her to be in the center of the public eye.

Emma Watson Pixie Haircutemma watson pixie haircutEmma has changed her long, too feminine hairstyle into a cozy boyish haircut. After this haircut she looks younger and more interesting. Her new style amused everyone as she looks totally different with it.

Anne Hathaway Pixie Haircutanne hathaway pixie haircutSince Anne has very prominent face features that always draw attention this short pixie haircut only accentuated her beauty. Though it really makes her look boyish but as a result she got a very trendy hairstyle that allows her eyes pop out beautifully.

Charlize Theron Pixie HaircutCharlize Theron Pixie HairstyleLooking at this photo of Charlize one may think that pixie is not that rude for women. Moreover, it’s the best style to bring out your real beauty. This is what refers to pretty Charlize’s hairstyle. In spite of being too short it is very spiffy because Charlize has subtle and too feminine face features herself.

Jennifer Lawrence Pixie Haircutjennifer lawrence pixie haircutJennifer has opted for a tender pixie cut for her fashionable ad eye-catching look. Her dark roots along with light ends make her hairstyle softer and cuter. It works with her face shape and face features.

Lily Collins Pixie Haircutlily collins pixie haircutA bit longer but very hot pixie haircut is seen on Lily’s hair. This pretty lady chooses the hairstyles that keep her in the center of attention and allow her to sparkle beautifully. Be it long, medium or short Lily always know how to style her hair to be so gorgeous.



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