Simple Messy Ponytail Hairstyles

The immense and quite noticeable popularity of messy hairstyle is now knocking the doors of stylish ladies that seek for simple yet seductive looks. They are easy, quick and beautiful and bring more femininity in your look. But when the thing is about ponytail hairstyles the chance of looking too lovely increases. Messy ponytail hairstyles are all about attractiveness, coziness and beauty. Check them right below.

Messy High Silver Ponytailmessy grey ponytail for girlsIt’s just awesome how easy you may get a stunning ponytail hairstyle on your silver hair. Though silver is a granny hair color but as you see it looks very youthful and fresh in a high messy ponytail hairstyle. The subtleness and the delicacy that this shade has ads your ponytail a kind of tenderness. It’s a unique and very sophisticated hairstyle to match with bold makeup.

High Messy Ponytail for Long HairHigh Messy Ponytail for Long HairLong hair is always easier to gather into a high ponytail than the shorter hairstyles. But if you are tired of the same sleek and tight ponytail then here is a messy, a bit looser and more convenient high ponytail hairstyle for your long hair. If you have natural waves this hairstyle will be more beautiful.

Messy Ponytail with Bump and Bangsmesy ponytail with poof and bangsCreating a messy ponytail inspired by the vintage style is now too popular. Just tease the crown part for a high poof or bump and tie your hair into a medium ponytail. The best bangs that work with this hairstyle are side bangs and if you even have straight bangs just sweep them to a side for a more astounding effect.

Messy Ombre Ponytailombre ponytail hairstyleOmbre is a fantastic style to show off in a ponytail hairstyle. A high ponytail can easily bring out the two shades of your hair that are so harmoniously reflected on roots and on the ends. Due to your ombre hair color you will get a unique loose ponytail hairstyle in a pretty messy form.messy ombre ponytail

Messy Braided Ponytailmessy braided ponytailGirls that are fond of cute braided hairstyles often combine their ponytail with braids. If you, too, like to add a touch of delicacy to simple hairstyles then style your ponytail with a braid on one side of your head and tie it into a messy ponytail hairstyle. A girlish and glamorous look.

Messy Ponytail for Short Hairmessy ponytail for short hairNo matter you have short or long hair; a ponytail hairstyle is always with you. If you have short hair you can style a medium ponytail in a seductive messy form. If you have layers on the top of your short haircut you may keep them out of your face with a nice headband. This hairstyle is a great example of a short messy ponytail, so you may like it.

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