2019 Trendy Short Spiky Hairstyles for Women

Short haircuts usually give you a trendy yet boyish look. Men often style their short hair into spikes and women who choose spiky hairstyles try to soften them by various ways. spiky hairstyles for women 2019Highlighting, coloring and adding bangs are the most popular ways which give spiky hairstyles a feminine touch as well as make them look very pretty. You can find the most stylish short spiky hairstyles for 2019. Have a look at them and make your pixie haircut more fashionable.

Edgy Haircut Ideas for 2019

There are millions of ideas to do with hair to get an edgy and dramatic look. These hairstyles are mainly for style stamen but tell that all of the edgy hairstyles are pretty won’t be true. Not every crazy hair styling solution is beautiful and feminine. While changing your haircut one should surely think of the final result not to be disappointed. If you really want to change your haircut into a more attractive one then discover these edgy haircut ideas for 2019.

Two-Tone A-Line Bob Haircuttwo-tone edgy hairstyle A line bob 2019Combining two different hair colors in one hairstyle is not a news for you but having it on short A-line bob is quite surprising especially when it’s neither ombre nor highlighting. This is just light blonde short bob haircut with dark black ends. They change the entire look of the hairstyle making it flashier.

Stunning Copper Red Hairstyle Ideas

Some enjoy the blessing of having red hair and many do their best to get this smashing color on their hair. It’s not a secret that natural redheads are more eye-catching and seductive than blondes and brunettes. That’s why many women dye their hair in red shades. But the most beautiful and natural-looking red hair color is the glossy copper red. copper red hair color 2019It is shiny on any type and any length of hair. The following stunning copper red hairstyles are going to inspire you for your next hair color and hairstyles and since copper red is trendy in 2019 you may change your look radically.

Celebrities in Grey Hair Colors

When did granny’s hair become so popular? Blonde, brunette and red hair colors are not the only natural shades for hair. There is also the subtle grey hair color which is in thing in 2019 and is experimented by many celebs. Yes, they reasonably go for the silver hair color without taking onto account the fact that they don’t have even a single grey hair on their head. Today we’ll reveal who made the fifty shades of grey so trendy in the world of fashion.

Rihanna Grey Hair Color in Ombre Stylerihanna grey ponytailRihanna is one of the celebrities who likes to experiment with different shades grey. Once she had a slivery hue on her hair in a photo shoot and then she really wore grey on her long hair. She tried to match it with the trendy ombre style and the result is very astounding. Dark grey roots along with shiny silver ends look very pretty on straight sleek ponytail hairstyle.

Men’s Taper Fade Haircuts 2019

Among many shaved hairstyles taper fade is one of the most popular choices for men. Women haven’t entirely stolen it yet so the majority of men try it to look more masculine. It’s gradual fade of haircuts that start from the top part and ends at the neck and is sometimes connected with facial hair. These haircuts create a fascinating style along with facial hair. The effect is quite interesting and eye-catching. Have a look at some taper fade haircuts to try in 2019.

Taper Fade with Side Combed Top Parttaper fade haircut with long top part 2019If you are a type pf men who likes to keep his top part hair in a longer length and the sides in short then the taper fade is for you. You can style the top part of your hair in different ways. One of the popular hairstyle ideas is the side combed classy hairdo. This is a great way to bring out the style of your haircut.

Hairstyles with Extra-Short Bangs

When it comes to short bangs the options are so beautiful and inspiring. Women who go for extra-short bangs seem to have a deep fascinating soul that seeks for more attention and creativity. These hairstyles with extra-short bangs are going to amuse you with their awesomeness and prettiness. If you are thinking of short bangs here you will surely find your style.

Long Black Hair with Short Straight Bangsblack hair with short bangs 2019Long straight hair in a mysterious dark shade such as jet black has a very feminine look. This hairstyle is not only beautiful but it also brings out all the softness of your hair. Short straight bangs just highlights the softness and the subtleness of the hairstyle making it more attractive. Since bangs grow out faster you may try this nice haircut in 2019.

Easy To Do Hairstyles for Long Hair

When it comes to easy to do hairstyle ideas for long hair there are plenty of hairdos to wear in 5 minutes. These hairstyles are quick, beautiful and comfy at the same time. If you want to discover new hairstyle ideas for your long locks that are achieved easily then keep on reading because the hairdos that are collected below are both trendy and pretty.

Bobby Pins Updobobby pin updoBobby pins are the magical small hair accessories that allow us to create incredible hairstyles also using our imagination. Nowadays the use of bobby pins is more required. Smart hairstylists offer us to use them in creating updos, half updos and side pinned hairdos. They come to help when you are in a hurry and need to have all your hair gathered. Taking an example from this hairstyle you are welcome to achieve your own bobby pins updo hairstyle.

Runway Inspired Hair Color Ideas for 2019

Everyone knows that the first crazy experiments of hair colors are done on model’s hair. They are the brave women who appear with new hair styling solutions and ideas. The hair colors that soon become so popular are just taken by their examples. Many celebrities copy what models wear and later on stylish women steal this or that style. In this post we have collected the best runway hair color ideas for 2019. You can try any shade you like matching your complexion. Some of them are very ravishing and cool and some are just bold and dramatic. Find your style right here!

Platinum Blonde Hair Colorplatinum blonde hair color 2019Platinum blonde was the trend of 2015 and it continues to be one of the most requested blonde shades in the world of fashion. In spite of being so light it is chosen both by blondes and brunettes. It works with cool skin tones as well as with dark complexions.

Updo Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Sometimes I dream of having curly hair because they are spiffy no matter what. Even without additional styling you can say that you have luxurious hairstyle that grans so much attention. It makes you look very feminine even in short haircuts. However it is not an easy task to deal with curly locks. They are unruly and quite annoying especially in long lengths. If you want to keep control under your curls you’d better learn some elegant updo hairstyles for curly hair. Wherever and whatever you’ll definitely need an updo hairdo.

Curly Updo with Face Framing Strandscurly updo with face frames 2019These lovely face framing strands out of natural curly updo are just gorgeous for any women to get a girlish and fresh look. They are very cute in shiny hair colors and make your face expression even seductive. In case you have short layers you can leave them out of the updo as well for a messier look.

2019 Trendy Faux Hawk Hairstyles for Short Hair

It is more than obvious that faux hawk hairstyles require short hair. They are best achieved on pixie haircuts and since the tendency of wearing short haircuts is increasing among women we have decided to represent you the trendy faux hawk hairstyles on short hair for 2019. Style your short haircut in a stylish way.

Curly Faux Hawk Hairstylecurly faux hawk hairstyle for women 2019It’s easier to create a faux hawk hairstyle on natural curly hair than on straight locks. All you need is just shaving the sides of your hair and this is what all Mohawk or faux hawk hairstyles request. If you have decided to go for a short hairstyle or to get rid of some part of your curls then side shaved pixie is a good option. This curly faux hawk will look more feminine with long front fringe. As curly hair already provide your top part with glam volume you don’t need to add more volume by additional styling.