Messy Hairstyle Ideas for Long Hair

Messy hairstyles are not only trendy but they also have a mysterious beauty in them. This can be called wild beauty that lives in each girl’s heart and is reflected by means of hairstyles and makeup time to time. In this post you will get familiar with astounding messy hairstyle ideas for long hair and if you have long hair copy some of the looks to draw much attention.

Messy Half Updo Hairstylemessy long hairstyle with braidsThis half up half down hairstyle along with a baby braid is a unique hairdo to wear on casual days. Its side parted form makes it differ from the rest of half updo hairstyles. In spite of being so simple it’s a glamorous hairstyle.

Long Messy Hair with Baby Braidsmessy wavy hairstyle with simple braidThese baby braids that look girlish and very cute give you the opportunity of beautifying your long messy hairstyle in an easy way. Braid as many baby braids as you like and turn your carefree hairstyle into a delightful one.

Boho Braided Hairstyle for Long Hairmessy boho braid for long hairIf boho braids then long hair. This combo is so harmonious that the effect itself looks well-balanced and pretty. In spite the messiness of the hairstyle it is very feminine, trendy and subtle.

Messy Updo Hairstyle for Long Hairmessy updo for long hairThere are millions of updo hairstyles for long hair. The neater and the tighter styles are much more glamorous but the messy and looser hairstyles are casual and more seductive. The choice is always up to you but if you want to show off the charm of your long locks then opt for a loose messy updo in a curly or wavy style.

Long Messy Hairstyle with Twistslong messy hairstyle with twistsTwists or rope braids are great ideas to make your messy locks more fascinating. These are lovely easy hair styling ways that can create a bohemian-looking hairstyle.

Messy Ponytail Hairstylelong messy ponytailHigh or low ponytails are very tender in messy forms especially when your hair is in a fresh hair color. This hairstyle is super for ombre, for pastel and silver colored hair as well as for natural shiny shades like warm sun-kissed blonde or rich chocolate hair color.

Messy Side Swept Hairstylemessy side swept bangs hairstyle 2019The easiest way to style your messy hair is bringing a huge part of it to a side and to clip it with a bobby pin. This is more convenient particularly for girls who have long bangs or annoying layers.

Long Messy Layered Hair with Highlightslong layered hairstyle with highlightsHighlights on any hairstyle are cool. They liven up any haircut and are ideal for layers. If you already have a layered highlighted hairstyle you just need to go for a wavy hairstyle and make it messier to bring out the hues of your highlights.



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