Celebrity Long Hairstyle Inspiration

Long-haired celebrities are generally more feminine and more seductive. They are the ideals of the majority of men and they inspire many women. Their long luscious locks are enough to make them look fabulous and so delightful. If you are interested in the most miraculous celebrity long hairstyles then let’s discover them together.

Megan Fox Retro Curls megan fox retro hairstyleGorgeous and so pretty Megan Fox is always stunning in any hairstyle be it straight or curly. She is a souse of inspiration for the majority of women who have long hair. Her retro inspired curly hairstyle is a fantastic one for prom and for wedding. A flower accessory can make it prettier.

Kim Kardashian Long Loose Waveskim kardashian long hairstyleLong loose waves are in thing today and if your hair is naturally wavy then you may just brush it and leave in its superb form. Kim is one of the most famous Hollywood start that has long thick hair and she sometimes appears with her natural beauty.

Julia Roberts Blonde Wavesjulia roberts long hairstyle

Julia Roberts’s prettiness is a unique and attractive beauty. Her charming hairstyle in blonde hue is very subtle and makes her waves girlish. She looks younger with boho inspired wavy hairstyles and her natural beauty is more enhanced. If you like this hairstyle you may go for a long layered cut and curl your hair into loose waves.

Penelope Cruz Straight Hairstyle

penelope cruz hairWe often see Penelope with gorgeous bombshell hairstyles and if happens she is with a straight hairstyle she looks very classy. This simple straight locks are practical for any occasion and they provide us with a lovely appearance. Those long side bangs just complete the hairstyle and frame her face beautifully.

Monica Bellucci Long Layered Hairstylemonica bellucci curly hairstyleLong layers are the perfect hairstyles for long thick hair. They refresh your locks and bring some seductive touch to them. Taking an example from Monica Bellucci you may go for face framing layers and straighten them. This hairstyle is an elegant and very feminine one for you to steal in 2019.

Jennifer Lopez Half Pinned Hairstylejennifer lopez hairstyle 2019Sometimes Jennifer chooses such hairstyles that make her too young and girlish. One of these hairstyles is the represented half pinned hairstyle. It’s so glamorous due to the big waves and light blonde hair color.  The side parted long voluminous bangs are perfect for her face shape and add tenderness to the hairdo.

Rihanna Ombre Hairstylerihanna ombre hairstyleBrown-dirty blonde ombre, big loose waves and long side bangs to frame the face; this is the hairstyle that Rihanna opted for. As you see the most stylish hairstyles for long hair are loose waves or curls. Adding a trendy hair color to this will only update your hairstyle.



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