Shag Layered Haircuts

We have millions of examples of shag haircuts on the internet that come from the 70’s fashion. All types of layered haircuts are cooler in shag styles. From retro shag to modern shag layered cuts you are free to choose your favorite style. There are straight, wavy and curled shag hairstyles that are so stylish due to the long and short layers. shag haircuts 2019These layers are mainly razor cuts that provide us with the desired messy effect. If you are ready for new shag layered haircuts then let’s go!

Long Shag Haircutlong shag haircutLong layers with face framing strands are very attractive for your long tresses. They are more sophisticated with long side bangs or trendy side sept bangs. Even if you don’t have bangs you can style them just due to your layers. If you like pastel or light colors you may dye your hair in these lovely shades, but if you are fond of dark hues then go for the stylish purple or blue black shades.

Shag Medium Layered Wavesshag layered medium wavy hairstyleMedium wavy hairstyles that look so natural are voluminous with layered cuts. If you decide to match your medium layered cut with bangs then choose side bangs in shaggy forms or in razor cuts. Your natural hair color will provide you with a more feminine look.

Shaggy Layered Bob Haircutshaggy layered bobLayered bob? It’s already shaggy. These short layers here and there over the hair create a kind of fascinating asymmetrical look that is so required in 2019. You may ask your hairstylist to complete this haircut with soft bangs.

Shag Curly HaircutShaggy Layered Hairstyle curly 2019Curly layers are not so visible on hair but they really add a stylish effect to hair. The cute curls in feminine blonde hair color and in messy form are all you need to look girlish and seductive at the same time.

Straight Shaggy Layered Hairstylestraight shaggy layered hair with side bangs 2019Who says shagginess is provided only due to curls or waves. They are attractive ion sharp razor cuts too. Your straight long hair need some change and refreshment. So, add layers and side swept long bangs.shag haircut with wispy bangsShaggy Layered Pixie Haircutshag layered pixieNeed to get a powerful look? Pixie haircut is for you. Those who have thin hair and still want to go for a short pixie haircut should opt for the layered pixie. These short layers, in their turn, make your hair look shaggy, prettier and more attractive. You can go for spiky hairstyles thanks to your lovely layers.



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