Coolest Long Layered Hairstyles

Ladies, are you tired of the same dull look of your long locks? Chop off them a hit and the refreshed, heathy and new look is ready to amuse your mirror. Let’s opt for the most popular long layered hairstyles and enjoy the prettiness it they gift us.

Wavy Long Layered HairstyleWavy Long Layered Hairstyle 2019If you have natural wavy locks but are not satisfied with their look then liven them up. Go for a layered hairstyle and you’ll feel how beautiful they look even as soon as they are dried. This brings your hair more volume and really beatifies.

Long Straight LayersLong Straight LayersStraight locks can perfectly bring out your layered hairstyle if you part it to a side or center it. This neat and very seductive hairstyle is one of the bests for long thick hair.

Feathered HairstyleFeathered HairstyleNeed more softness and attractiveness for your long hair? Add a feathery touch to it. Feather layers are airy and look subtler. They are ideal for thin and fine hair as they make these kind of hairstyles fuller and a bit voluminous.

Tousled and Sleek Layered HairstyleTousled and Sleek Layered HairstyleFor schoolgirls that seek for a sleek hairstyle I offer the tousled layered haircut. Just straighten your layers and get the desired effect. This hairstyle is a casual one that can be sported often. If you like you can do regular touch ups once a month to keep your layers in that perfect form.

Highlighted Layered HairstyleHighlighted Layered HairstyleWomen who are ready to play with their hair color can start from highlights. If you already have layers on your long hair then accentuate them with stylish highlights. Add caramel highlights if you have blonde or brown hair. Add red highlights if you have black hair. Apply pastel shades if you have too light hair color. The options are many and you can make your choice between the trendy ones.

Short Layers on the TopShort Layers on the TopHere I offer a bit extravagant and flashy style for you. Add some short highlights on the top of your hair and leave the rest in its long form. This will make the crown part volumized and will add dimension. This is the most unusual layered hairstyle that you can sport.

Side Bangs for Long Layered HaircutsSide Bangs for Long Layered HaircutsThe bangs that can be combined with long layered hairstyles are many but if you look for a cozy one that can beautifully frame your face and look like the continuation of your layers then choose long side bangs.

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