Vintage Hairstyles for Prom 2019

Ladies who are getting prepared for their prom night should definitely pass through this article as here are discussed the loveliest prom vintage hairstyles for 2019. Keep in mind that vintage is a trendy style and it offers smashing hair styling ideas proper for parties and special events. Here you are going to see stunning examples of vintage hairstyles for different lengths and types of hair. Check them out!vintage prom hairstyles 2019Curly Bob Hairstyle

Be it a fake or a real bob haircut you can always get a nice curly hairstyle on it. This girlish hairdo is very easy and brings out your facial features. You can go for tight curls and fix them with a hair spray. Then wear a subtle vintage inspired makeup and a romantic dress. You are done with a smashing party look.curly bob hairstyle vintage 2019Vintage Half Updo Hairstyle

Choose this astounding curly half updo for your prom night. Doesn’t it look so pretty? It is more than beautiful and has a feminine touch in it. After you curl your hair secure some part of your hair on the side or on the back with a stylish hair accessory the goes with your outfit.vintage prom half updo 2019Long Finger Waves

Finger waves are the most flexible wavy hairstyles which are achieved both on short and long hairstyles. Even in a loose and simple form this hairstyle looks very luxurious. It ideally shows off all the subtle hues of your hair color and brings out its shine.finger waves for 2019Elegant Retro Updo Hairstyle

Stylish women with medium to long hair may like this elegant updo hairstyle with a touch of the vintage style. You can opt for it to bring out your pretty and slender facial features and face shape as well as to get a classy look.vintage updo hairstyle 2019Side Parted Wavy Updo Hairstyle

Side swept or side parted hairstyles in wavy forms are quite popular. They are worn with updo hairstyles and even in case you don’t have long bangs to pull to a side you can get the same result on your medium to long hair. Take a huge part of your front locks and pull them to the side you want. Then secure it with a bobby pin and spray a hair spray to keep the wavy shape.elegnat vintage updo with side bangs 2019Glamorous Half Updo Hairstyle

Another fabulous half updo for long hair is the following volumized half updo. It has a kind of uniqueness that will keep you in the center of attention. This hairdo is a good choice for wedding parties.vintage half updo 2019Vintage Beehive Updo

Beehive updo are classy vintage hairstyles which keep the crown part of your hair in a high and very eye-catching form. This updo is cute and looks softer with side swept sleek bangs.vintage beehive hairstyle 2019



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