Trendy Short Blonde Hairstyles for 2019

For many of us blonde is a shade of femininity, subtleness and elegancy. The light shades of blonde are very attractive and make any women look tender and stylish. Even if a black women goes for the right blonde shade her hairstyle immediately becomes very eye-catching. Today not only natural blondes can enjoy their stunning hairstyles but also those who want to get a blonde hue in their dark or red hair. Nowadays the most popular and trendy hairstyles are short blonde hairstyles for 2019.

Blonde Layered Pixie Haircutblonde layered pixie haircut 2019Here you see one of the most succeeded layered pixie haircuts in a subtle blonde shade. It’s a light honey blonde and golden blonde mixture that works with light complexions and blue/green eyes.

White Blonde Crimped Pixie Hairstylewhite blonde crimped pixie hairstyle 2019Many think that crimps are best reflected on long hairstyles and that’s true but they are spiffy on short haircuts as well. If you really want a unique hairstyle then crimped pixie hairstyles are for you. They are softer in white blonde hair color and provide you with a bold look.

Platinum Blonde Boyish Pixie haircutplatinium blonde short pixie haircut 2019You know why this boyish hairstyle looks so cute? Because it is dyed in a delicate platinum blonde shade that breaks down the masculinity of the short pixie. This wise trick allows many women to get a too short yet feminine hairstyle. Platinum blonde works both with dark and light complexions and many celebrities have already experimented with it. It’s a trendy hair color for 2019. So, take the best examples of Hollywood stars.

Golden Blonde Curly Bob Hairstylegolden blonde bob hairstyle 2019Curly bobs are ravishing and too feminine hairstyle that even without any touch of additional styling look gorgeous. But if we compare brunette and blonde curly bob hairstyle we’ll see how lovely blonde bobs look especially in sun-kissed shades such as golden blonde hues. This warm hair color works with medium to light skin tones and tens to warm up your complexion.

Buttery Blonde Bob Haircutblonde 2019Buttery blonde is a yellowish blonde tint to match light complexions with pink undertones. It’s a very delicate hair color that provides your hair with a smooth and soft effect. This is another trendy shade for bob haircuts.

Blonde Pixie Haircut for Black Womenshort blonde haircut for black women 2019As I have already mentioned above the right chosen blonde shade can beautifully bring out black skin tones. Today many black women who want to stand out from the crowd and be in the center of attention dye their short pixie haircuts in blonde hair colors. This tendency is quite noticeable and popular.

Platinum Blonde Bob with BangsPlatinum blonde bob with bangs 2019Bangs make any hairstyle more feminine and if the thing is about short haircuts then blunt bangs are just super. They are more astounding and sophisticated in light blonde shade such as in platinum blonde.

Pastel Highlights on Short Blonde Haircutshort haircut with pastel highlights 2019Be it a pixie or a bob haircut in blonde hair color you can beautify it with pastel highlights. Pastel hair colors perfectly go with blonde shades and make them flashy and original.

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