Trendy Pixie Ombre Hairstyles 2019

It’s a myth that ombre is only for long hair. Today’s hair colorists gift us such amazing short ombre hairstyles that they look as beautiful as on long tresses. Moreover, these hairstyles are trendier and grab much attention. Well, in this case if you still think that it’s possible to get ombre on bob haircuts then I am here to represent you trendy pixie ombre hairstyles for 2019. Check them out!pixie ombre hairstyles 2019Messy Spiky Pixie Ombre Hairstyle

Here you see a crazy hairstyle in short pixie haircut and in a dark ombre hair color. Deep brown roots along with light blonde tips create a stunning combination that goes with medium to dark complexions and compliments brown eyes. However the lightens of the ends works with light eyes too. This party hairstyle is more than attractive due to its shag form. You can choose it for night parties.spiky pixie ombre 2019Straight Pixie Ombre Hairstyle

Soft, subtle and elegant; this is all about the following straight pixie ombre hairstyle on fine hair. In spite its sleekness it looks very seductive and delicate. The tender dark and light hair color mixture makes the top part of hair look thicker and the front part fringe rather wispy.straight pixie ombre 2019Pompadour Pixie Ombre Hairstyle

The prefect contrast between dark brown and platinum blonde hair colors is just incredible for a cool ombre style. As you see these two shades ideally go with each other and work with light skin tone. They are more eye-catching on the stylish pompadour hairdo which keeps all hair out of the face.pompadour pixie ombre 2019Red Pixie Ombre Hairstyle

Red is a vivid hair color to dye your hair in and to stand out from the crowd. It is better if you match two tons of red in one hairstyle. Take an example from this lovely option. It’s a short spiky pixie haircut in light and dark red hair colors which give hair a fire and flame ombre pixie 2019Short Layered Pixie Ombre Hairstyle

If you have a layered pixie haircut then your ombre will be a bit messy. In this case you get a kind of highlighting effect but the dark roots and light tips matching is quite visible. So, you will have an astounding hairstyle closer both ombre and highlighting techniques.layered pixie ombre 2019Pastel Ombre for Short Pixie Haircuts

In case you like to wear delicate light hair colors on your short haircut you may choose pastel shades for 2019. Combine blonde with a light pink, mint green or sky blue hair colors and get a fantastic and ethereal hairstyle.pastel blonde pixie ombre 2019



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