Trendy Pixie Haircuts for 2019

Pixie is the boyish hairstyle stolen form males but smart women always know the ways to make any male hairstyle look softer and feminine. As for pixie haircuts there are some great ways to bring a touch of subtleness into this cut such as bangs, various delicate hair colors and accessories. Today we’ll discuss the most popular and trendy pixie haircuts for 2019. If you have decided to chop you locks off then have a look at these stunning options and choose the right style for your face shape and face features. Take into account that pixies are the hairstyles that bring out face features and if you feel you have slender and pretty features to show off then go ahead.

Blonde Pixie Haircutblonde pixie cut 2019Choosing a trendy blonde shade for short pixie haircut is one of the best ways to break down the male touch in your hairstyle. You can choose a light shade of blonde like platinum blonde, light blonde or creamy blonde shades which are very subtle.

Pastel Colored Pixie Haircutpastel colored pixie cut 2019Another subtle look for your pixie haircut can provide nay pastel hair color. Be it light pink, peachy pink, sky blue, mint, lavender or light lemon shade you will get a cute dolly look which will grab more attention.

Pixie Haircut with Highlighted Bangspixie haircut with highlighted bangs 2019Instead of coloring your entire hair into another shade you may add simple highlights on your bangs. This is in case you like your natural hair color and don’t want to change it. Any vivid highlight on your bangs can change your entire appetence into a better one.

Short Pixie Cut for Black Womenpixie haircut for black women 2019Black women looking for a trendy hairstyle to bring out their face features may like the short pixie cut for their straight or curly hairstyle. This will refresh your look and will turn you into another attractive lady.

Boyish Pixie Haircutboysih pixie cut 2019Boyish pixie is only for those who have too slender and subtle face features as it’s an absolute male hairstyle that requires perfect prettiness not to make you look masculine.

Pixie Haircut with Extra-Short Bangspixie haircut with extra short bangs 2019Those who have nice forehead and don’t need to hide it can choose extra-shot bangs for their pixie haircut. It’s also something that not everyone could go for, so you may get a unique look. On the other hand extra-short bangs are low maintenance and they are loved by busy women who hardly find time to style their hair.

Curly Pixie Haircutcurly pixie cut 2019If you have long curls and seek for a new look then curly pixie is for you. Chop off your long hair into a trendy pixie cut and enjoy the lightness it brings.

Pixie Haircut with Side Swept Bangspixie haircut with side swept bangs 2019Combine your stylish pixie with trendy side swept bangs. Those bangs make pixies softer and cuter and as a result you get a pixie far from looking masculine.

Pixie Haircut with Cropped BangsPixie Haircut with Cropped BangsIf you feel that neither side swept nor extra-short bangs are for you then you may like cropped bangs. These are cozy and very beautiful bangs for pixie haircuts.



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