Trendy Medium Ombre Hairstyles for 2019

The trendy medium length haircuts are all about sophistication, delicacy and femininity. They are very playful in their new styling solutions for every face shape and personal taste. Taking into consideration the fact that ombre hair coloring technique is trendy and is becoming more requites for all lengths of hair we represent you the most flattering medium ombre hairstyles for 2019. Choose the best ombre hairstyle for your medium locks.medium ombre hairstyle 2019Simple Middle part Medium Ombre Hairstyle

I would like to start with the simplest medium ombre hairstyle. It’s a light brown and blonde ombre on medium thin hair which is center parted. These light blonde ends make the haircut visually longer and thicker. So, if you have fine hair you may often style your locks in this soft hairstyle.medium center part ombre hairstyle 2019Medium Dark Ombre Straight Hairstyle

Straight hair is usually classy and elegant. But it can look dull in a monotone shade. To liven up your medium straight hairstyle you can go for side bangs to frame your face and for a dark ombre hair color. Combine the dark and the light shades of brown to get the desired effect. This combo works with light to medium skin tones as well as with particular dark complexions.medium straight ombre hair 2019Medium Wavy Pastel Ombre Hairstyle

As for pastel shades I can say that they create the most ravishing ombre styles. These hair colors are usually combined with blonde hair and tend to soften it. You can take light pink, warm peach, sky blue or mint green pastel hues for your wavy medium hairstyle. The result will be more than astounding especially due to your soft and tender waves.medium pastel ombre 2019Medium Layered Ombre Hairstyle

Here you see a formal ombre hairstyle for special occasions. It has a glamorous touch in it and looks very neat, sleek and feminine. The effect is dark ombre on medium layered haircut with a center part style. This elegant middle parting makes your front layers frame your face equally on both sides. As a cool ombre hairstyle it’s worthy to try in 2019.medium layered ombre hair 2019Medium Curly Ombre Hairstyle

For black women with medium curly dark hair I offer a new hair styling idea. It’s the trendy black brown or dark chocolate brown and light brown combination. Though your curls don’t allow us to see the color separation clearly but we feel the attractiveness it gifts your look. This style is really astounding for natural curly hair.medium curly ombre hair 2019Straight Ombre Lob Hairstyle

Your cute straight long bob haircut is now more sophisticated and seductive in ombre style. It looks visually longer and compliments your skin tone and eye color if you choose the right shades.straight lob in ombre 2019



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