Sleek Wet-Look Hairstyle Ideas for 2019

Perhaps you have noticed that recently many celebrities both male and female wear a kind of sleek, backcombed and tight hairstyles which have a wet look. Yes, this is the new trend which is going to be the most requested one in salons. It’s the wet-look trend which is worn on all length and types of hair and looks unique because of its structure. Each gets a creative an original wet-look hairstyle due to her hair type. Today we’ll speak about trendy wet-look hairstyles for 2019. Take examples from Hollywood stars and stylish models to copy some of these hairstyles.wet look hairstyles for 2019Wet-Look Bob Hairstyle

The first one I want to represent you is the wet-look bob hairstyle. To achieve this look you need to backcomb all your hair with a hair wax and to keep the crown part a bit volumized. This will create a stylish low poof and will make your face shape look nicer. On the other hand wet-look bob keeps all your short hair out for your face.wet-look bob hirstyle 2019Side Parted Long Wet-Look Hairstyle

Mix two trends in one hairstyles and get a super trend. This is all about side parted wet-look hairstyles. Both are very stylish in 2019 and look better on long thick hair. If you have such you can often rock this style.wet-look side hairstyle 2019Wet-Look Layered Pixie Hairstyle

Even if you have a short layered cut you can still achieve a cool wet-look hairstyle on it. All you need is just applying appropriate hair products and comb back all your locks along with short bangs. This hairstyle will bring out your face shape and facial features.wet-look pixie hairstyle 2019Long Sleek Wet-Look Hairstyle

Long sleek wet-look hairstyles are the most popular wet-look hairdos that you can meet in Hollywood and on catwalks. It is an easy and fashionable hairstyle that allows you to have an eye-catching look. You may wear a subtle makeup with it to have a nicer look.wet-look long hairstyle 2019Wet-Look Ponytail Hairstyle

Not only loose but also updo hairstyles are possible to create with a wet-look style. Before you tie your ponytail you can make it wet-looking with some hair gel or wax and the final result will be quite classy.wet-look ponytail 2019Wet-Look Half Bun Hairstyle

There are types of women who prefer tight and comfy hairstyles for casual days as well as for special occasions. The wet-look half bun id for you. It’s the most convenient updo hairstyle that keeps all your hair out of your face and nape.wet-look bun 2019Wet-Look Half Updo Hairstyle

In order to get a wet-look hairstyle it’s not necessary to apply hair gel or wax on your hair from the top part to the ends. You can get a wet style only on the crown part and style the rest of your hair into a twisted half updo hairstyle. It’s also great for long thick hair. wet-look half updo 2019Wet-Look Updo Hairstyle

Though there are lots of wet-look updo hairstyles but here I offer you the simplest and the most elegant one. This tight low bun or low knot hairstyle in a wet look is a good options if you want to show off your pretty face features and subtle makeup.wet-look updo 2019



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