Short Ponytail Hairstyles from Hollywood for 2019

It is more than obvious that women with short hair hardly find appropriate updo hairstyles for their locks. But actually they often need to have their hair gathered into a nice hairstyle. In many cases women choose simple ponytail hairstyles for their second day hair, for humid or hot days or as an elegant hairstyle. Perhaps classy ponytail is the simplest hairdo that each can achieve on her hair in less than 5 minutes. Ladies who have short hair and are in a search of pretty ponytail hairstyles may have a look at this string of short ponytail hairstyles from celebrities for 2019. They all are both cute and trendy.short ponytal hairstyles 2019Rooney Mara Sleek Side Parted Ponytail

Here you see gorgeous Rooney in a short sleek side parted ponytail. This hairstyle is so elegant due to its neat form and jet black hair color. It shines so beautifully and ideally goes with Rooney’s light skin tone, makeup and outfit. As a stunning short ponytail you can steal it for formal occasions or for official meetings.Rooney Mara short ponytail 2019Emma Stone Short Ponytail Hairstyle

I love this unique hairstyle in its trendy copper red hair color and side swept form. This hairstyle is quite elegant and seductive for short hair and if you have long side bangs or grown out bangs you may sweep them to a side and gently blend with your pony.elegant short ponytail 2019Hayden Panettiere Short Ponytail with Low Poof

This lovely middle ponytail in short length is cooler with the stylish poof on the top part. As you see it is created due to short bangs which is backcombed. The low poof makes the simple look of the hairstyle eye-catching and attractive enough.hayden panettiere short ponytail hairstyle 2019Amy Poehler Short Side Ponytail

Amy has opted for a girlish and softer low side ponytail hairstyle that makes her look younger and more feminine. It is prettier with side parted wavy bangs that complete the subtle look of the hairstyle. Due to its delicate blonde hair color it has a kind of angelic touch in it.AMY POEHLER short side ponytail 2019Julianne Hough Short Ponytail Hairstyle

Here Julianne has opted for a bit volumized retro inspired ponytail hairstyle. As you see it’s in a messy style that makes it rather lovely. To archive the same hairdo on your short hair you need to tease the crown part a bit and spray a hair spray. Then tie a low ponytail.Julianne Hough short ponytail 2019Michelle Dockery Little Low Ponytail

As a casual and elegant hairstyle this example of Michelle is just awesome. It can be chosen by women over 30 who want to bring out their pretty facial features. In case you have long side bangs you may create a lovely frame for your cute face.Michelle Dockery little low ponytail 2019Cameron Diaz Short Messy Ponytail

Since shag is a trend you are welcome to rock a short messy ponytail like our stunning Cameron. She has sported a middle short ponytail in a carefree style that draws attention. So, choose it for everyday life to get a comfy hairdo.Cameron Diaz short ponytail 2019



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