Short Layered Hairstyle Ideas for 2019

Do you want to change your haircut into a short stylish one? There are so many fascinating haircuts for you to try in 2019. These are ideal both for thick and fine hair and are achieve on curly hair as well as on straight locks. So, let’s discuss some of the best short layered hairstyle ideas for 2019. In case you need to look more fashionable these hairstyles will give you great ideas.short layered haircuts 2019Short Layered Curly Bob Hairstyle

As I have already mentioned layered haircuts are achieved both on curly and straight hair. So, if you have natural curls you may make them a bit lighter by short layers. Choose a short layered bob haircut and add some stylish highlights on these cute layers.short layered curly bob hair 2019Short Straight Layered Bob

And here is a short straight layered bob for fine hair. As you see the layers make hair look a bit voluminous on the top part and look fuller due to the front wispy bangs. It’s a comfy and low-maintenance haircut for busy women and for those who hardly find time to style their hair properly.short layered bob 2019Short Straight Layered Bob for Thick Hair

Thick hair often needs refreshments and adding layers to it is the best solutions. This time try to change your entire look and go for a short layered bob haircut. Complete it with long side bangs to get a cuter look and you are done with your new trendy appearance.short layered bob for thick hair 2019Short Layered Pixie Hairstyle

Well, women who are want to bring out their slender facial features are welcome to go for a short pixie haircut. It’s better if you pick a layered pixie if you have straight hair as straight hair usually look sleek and not so voluminous. In this case short layers starting from the top part will provide your hair with a more playful effect.short layered pixie 2019Short Layered Bowl Cut

Bowl cuts are retro short bob haircuts which are very trendy in 2019. Today they are provided with a modern touch by professional hairstylists. Bowls cuts are achieved by short layers which are generally beautiful in straight styles. If you want to make your bowl haircut look more eye-catching you may dye it in a trendy hair color like red, platinum blonde or light brown.short layered bowl cut 2019Short Layered Wavy Pixie Haircut

No matter you have natural or styled wavy locks, you can always opt for a short layered pixie haircut which is styled in various ways. Thanks to your waves you can create a spiky hairstyle which is so fashionable in 2019.short layered wavy pixie 2019Short Layered Hairstyle with Highlights

Adding highlights to a layered haircut is a great way to add dimension and depth to your hairstyle. They not only beautify your haircut but also bring out its stylish structure. You can opt for brown, honey blonde, copper red, caramel, golden blonde or other trendy highlights for your locks.short layered haircut with highlights 2019



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