Prom Hairstyles for Teenagers

When it comes to party hairstyles everyone chooses the ones that go with her hair type and meet her preferences. In many cases teenagers hardly find the style they want to see on their hair and sometimes they even get confused in the variety of options. Special for young ladies who are getting prepared for their prom night I have collected the best hairstyles. Below you can find prom hairstyles for teens. Check them out and be inspired!prom hairstyles for teens 2019Curly Waterfall Braid Hairstyle

Lovely waterfall braid hairstyles are easy yet quite sophisticated hairdos to wear for prom. They are perfect on long hair and look more luxurious in curly styles. Even if you don’t have natural curl you can still get fantastic curly locks on your long hair.curly waterfall braid 2019Braided Updo Hairstyle

There are thousands of braided updo hairstyles that you can pick for your upcoming party. One of the most fashionable options is here. It’s a braided low bun hairstyle in a bit messy form which makes it more attractive. You can decorate your braided updo with fresh flowers or with jeweled hair accessories matching them with your hair color, makeup and outfit.prom braided hairstyle 2019Wavy Half Updo Hairstyle

This is a unique wavy half updo hairstyle with rolled buns which remind of beautiful rose shaped designs. They make the simple look of the hairstyle very pretty and eye-catching. You can get the same result with bobby pins. At the end don’t forget to curls the tips of your hair.prom half updo 2019Side Bun Hairstyle

Sometimes beauty is hidden behind simplicity and this is all about the following hairstyle. Even if you go for a simple side bun you can have a romantic and elegant look just by embellishing it with the right chosen hair accessory. It should bring out your hair color and should work with your dress and makeup.prom side bun hairstyle 2019Loose Wavy Hairstyle

Marcel waves or the popular vintage finger waves are now very trendy. They are exquisite waves in neat and smooth forms that show off the shine and the various hues of your hair color. You can wear them on your long thick hair and if you want to add a modern touch to it you may go for a side parted style. All you need is just pulling all your waves to one side and secure them with invisible bobby pins. That’s it.loose wavy hairstyle 2019Wavy Updo Hairstyle

Classy ladies who wish to rock an elegant hairdo for their crazy party may consider this lovely wavy updo hairstyle. It is ravishing hairdo with a touch of the retro style and goes with retro inspired makeup. You can combine your cute updo hairstyle with a subtle and romantic dress to get the so wanted elegant look.formal updo for teenagers 2019



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