Prom Hairstyles for Curly Hair 2019

Because of its versatility and stunning texture curly hair can be pinned up, tied back, side-parted or easily faked into a short hairstyle. Whether you have long or short curly hair you may often seek innovative solutions and ideas to style it right. Sometimes it happens that curly-haired ladies think over and over again but don’t find a cool hairstyle for a special occasion. On the other hand, some curl their locks and don’t know what to do with them to make more luxurious and refined. Here are collected sophisticated curly hairstyle ideas for 2019. They are ideal prom hairdos for your curls.prom curly hairstyles 2019Curly Faux Bob Hairstyle

Faking haircuts on curly hair is actually easier than on straight locks. So, you have more chances to create a great illusion. Being messy curls don’t allow the watcher notice whether hair is cut or just pinned on the back part into a cute bob hairstyle. This girlish hairstyle with its fascinating trick is very alluring and captivating.curly faux bob 2019How to Style: There are simple techniques of achieving faux bob hairstyles with elastic and bobby pins.  Since it requires carefulness, you’d better refer to a hairstylist. He/she will surely create the visual illusion and will provide you with a voluminous and well-balanced fake bob hairstyle. If you have short front strands you can leave them to frame your face.

Side Parted Curly Hairstyle

For a super elegant and ritzy look, side-parted curls are just in point. We see so many straight-haired ladies rocking this hairstyle by curling their hair. Of course, it’s easier to get on natural curls. All, you need is just focusing on the top part.side-parted curls hairstyle 2019 How to Style: Rub hair cream or mousse on the top and comb hair to one side. If you have thick hair then you don’t need additional volume but fine-haired beauties may tease the top part before combing to one side. Create a high-shine and sleek effect on the top and bring all curls from the back part to front. Secure fly-away curls on the back with bobby pins.

Curly Ponytail Hairstyle

There is something very girlish in this simple hairdo. It is so attractive and makes you look younger. Some famous celebrities rock it for red carpet parties and different special events.curly ponytail hairstyle 2019 How to Style: If your hair already curled then you can achieve a cute prom-ready high ponytail quickly. Tease the top part and spray hairspray. You will be provided with a nice bouffant. Then tie a high pony hairstyle beautifying it with stylish band or ribbon. If you like you can spray hairspray to fix the whole look.

Curly Half-Updo Hairstyle

And here is an easy to do and quick prom hairstyle for curly hair. You won’t spend much time on its styling and will be pleased with the posh effect. Just take a teasing comb, hairspray and a stylish hair accessory.half updo for curly hair 2019 How to Style: Tease the crown part, spray hairspray and comal back including the long bangs. Then take the front strands and bring on the back part. Secure them with the beautiful hair accessory which works with your hair color, makeup, and dress.



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