Medium Bob Haircuts for 2019

Medium length bob haircuts or the so called lob haircuts are now very trendy and many go for this comfy and beautiful hairdo. It works with all types of hair and is ideal to refresh your locks. If you have thick hair you may go for the simple lob haircut but in case you have fine hair you may opt for layered or razor cuts. So, let’s discuss some of the trendy medium bob haircuts for 2019.medium bob hairstyles 2019Straight Medium Bob Haircut

This is a great style for straight thick locks. It’s very classy, attractive and tends to frame your face beautifully. This straight medium bob goes with many face shapes and is more seductive in trendy hair colors. You may dye it in a nice ombre style or in a monotone stylish shade like light brown, sun-kissed blonde or natural-looking red.medium straight bob 2019Medium Wavy Bob with Highlights

Wavy hairstyles usually look nicer with some eye-catching highlights. If you have natural wavy hair and want to update it you may go for a ravishing medium cut and add highlights on front strands which frame your face. This is a great hairstyle for any season and can be sported for various occasions.medium wavy bob with highlights 2019Curly Medium Bob with Side Bangs

Perhaps this is one of the most seductive hairstyles that you can wear. The soft and subtle curls look very delicate with stylish side bangs and in trendy honey blonde hair color. It’s fantastic hairdo both for layered, thick or fine hair. You can opt for it for special events.medium curly bob with bangs 2019Natural Curly Medium Bob

For natural curly beauties I offer this lovely, super feminine and girlish hairstyle. This medium bob is perfect to make you stand out from the crowd and to gift you a lovelier face expression.medium natural curly bob 2019Layered/Razor Cut Medium Bob Haircutmedium layered bob hairstyle 2019As I have already mentioned above layered and razor cut medium bob hairstyles are great for fine hair. They add fullness and depth to your hair and make it look a bit voluminous.medium razor cut bob 2019Medium Shag Bob with Highlights

Here you see a fashionable unique medium shag bob with flashy highlights. Highlights are mainly added to the front part and to the fringe to make the look more impressive and fascinating. The messy effect achieved by shaggy waves makes the haircut even more eye-catching.medium shag bob with highlights 2019Medium Bob with Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs generally go with straight hair and if you have medium straight bob haircut you can change its look with blunt bangs. They will add a youthful and fresh touch to your hairstyle. On the other hand you can hide your big forehead with the help of this fringe.medium bob with blunt bangs 2019Medium Bob with Side Swept Bangs

If you like side swept bangs you are welcome to combine it with your straight or wavy haircut. These bangs go with various types of hair and are designed both in short and long lengths. Side swept bangs are trendy in 2019 and tend to soften your haircut. So, you may spot it with your medium bob haircut.medium bob with side swept bangs 2019



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