Long Straight Hairstyles with Bangs 2019

Long healthy tresses is a real blessing. If you have such you should keep it as a gem and care about its fine look. It is not obligatory to cut off your hair into a medium or short haircut to get another hairstyle. All you need is just highlighting its beauty. There are several ways to bring to change your long hairstyle into another spiffy one using simple hair styling ideas. One of them is adding trendy bangs. Bangs change your entire hairstyle softening and beautifying it. Right here I will offer you the best long straight hairstyles with bangs for 2019.long hair with bangs 2019Long Straight Hair with Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs are the perfect bangs for straight hair. If they make a contrast with curly and wavy hairstyles then we see how harmoniously they look with straight hair be it short or long. In this case you not only get a younger and girlish look but also add some mysterious touch in your look.long straight hairstyle with blunt bangs 2019Long Straight Hairstyle with Short Bangs

The mini version of blunt bangs is the short straight fringe. This is rather eye-catching and fascinating haircut for long straight hair. It partially hides your forehead and therefore doesn’t annoy you. You get a comfy and beautiful hairstyle at the same time.long layered hair with short bangs 2019Long Straight Layered Hair with Side Bangs

Your grown out or long side bangs are perfect to complete your long layered haircut. They seem to be the continuation of your face framing layers and add more femininity to your entire appearance. You may style these long bangs in various ways and if you like you can create a cool center part hairstyle.long layered hair with long side bangs 2019Long Straight Hair with Side Swept Bangs

Feel the attractiveness of side swept bangs in 2019. They are both trendy and sophisticated. If you choose them for your long tresses you’d better opt for long side swept bangs as shorter ones go with short haircuts. They will complete your hairstyle and will soften it. As a result you have a subtler look.long straight hair with long side swept bangs 2019Long Straight Hair with Asymmetrical Bangs

Need a radical change? Go for stylish asymmetrical bangs. The eye-catching contrast between short and long locks makes you stand out from the crowd. Asymmetrical bangs best go with long layered hair.long hair with asymmetrical bangs 2019Long Straight Hair with Highlighted Bangs

Apply vibrant highlights only on your bangs. Be it long, short, straight or side parted your bangs will get a fuller look with more depth and dimension. On the other hand you will draw attention due to your trendy highlights.long straight highlighted fringe 2019



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