Incredible Bowl Haircuts for 2019

Today’s bowl cuts are edgy and fierce! Bowl cut is popular both among males and females. These two genders rock it in their own way. It is a cut to accentuate the facial features and add a feminine touch to the overall look. However, it is recommended to consult with your stylist before chopping off the strands. This look is best pulled off with statement makeup, vibrant hair color and accessories such earrings. If you are a risk-taker then check out these bowl haircuts for 2019 and pick up something for you.Incredible Bowl Haircuts for 2019Bowl Inspired Pixie

Adopting this cut you will look ultra-feminine and fearlessly modern. The undercut haircut features some long and soft layers on the top of the head. It is a look between being edgy and feminine, so if it complements your style and personality then you should definitely give a try to this cut. Note that the cut also has a silver-blonde shade that adds an extra pop to the strands.Bowl Inspired PixieHighlighted Bowl Cut with Undercut

If you are looking for an incredible bowl cut that will make you feel like a star then you need to consider two things: highlights and texture. Make sure to ask your hairstylist to place some modern highlights throughout your bowl cut to make the design stand out. It is preferable to add highlights two or three tones lighter than your base. Make your hair as straight as it possible to show off the design.Highlighted Bowl Cut with UndercutBowl Haircut with Bangs

If you have a creative stylist you can be sure of a unique and mind-blowing hair cut like the one you see below. Try to find someone who has experimented with creative cuts. This particular design features a dark cropped under-layer and long blond layers sprinkled on top and flowing along the sides. Everything about this style is super trendy and modern.Bowl Haircut with BangsBowl Cut with Heavy Bangs

There are so many variations of bowl cuts and you can create it according to your preferences. What do you think about this option? It involves lots of layers pulled from the crown forward to create heavy bangs. The result is going to be short hairstyle that is both very easy to style and shows off your best features. However you can switch up your color too.Bowl Cut with Heavy BangsExtreme Spiky Hair with High Shaving

This cut is not for soft-hearted ladies since it takes some courage to wear something like this. Due to the skillful blend of blunt cut and razored layers the style gets an edgy and bold appearance. The extreme hair color accentuates the difference of textures. By the way it is an innovative short hair cut that is worth to try out.Extreme Spiky Hair with High Shaving



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