Harry Styles Hairstyles to Try in 2019

Does Harry Styles name say something to you? Well, Harry is one of the most popular members of One Direction boys’ band. Harry Styles’ voice is sweet and his glorious hairstyles are attractive and charming. His marvelous curls take too much attention, for this reason I have decided to represent you Harry Styles’ hairstyles to try in 2019.Harry Styles Hairstyles to try in 2019 If you don’t know what to do with your thick hair then the following examples are going to give you new ideas. So go on reading to find out the best option.

Short Texture Hairstyle

Harry is a master of wearing textured or curly hairstyles. Harry looks so mannish with this haircut. His shining textured hairstyle reminds us about babies’ soft and playful hair. Modern men like to wear textured hairstyles and Harry is one of them. You should be included into that list too.

harry styles curly hairstyle

harry styles curly hairstyle

Harry Styles Long Hair

A transformation from long hair to short is successfully achieved. Long hair makes Harry have mutual men look. I do love his long curly locks. If you plan to go for this hairstyle then you know that it will take some time to grow your hair otherwise you will need to opt for hair extensions.

Harry stles long hair 2019

Harry styles 201 long hair 2019

Harry Styles Knot Hair

What about this little knot or ponytail hairstyle? Probably many years ago it was not so spread to wear knots or ponytails but nowadays knotted and ponytail hairstyles are very popular among men. It is not surprising anymore to see men wearing such impressive hairstyles. I think it is a great idea to try the same hairstyles as women do.

Harry Styles knot hairstyle

Harry Styles knot hairstyle

Brushed-Back Hairstyle

If you thought that Harry is always in curly or messy styles then you have mistaken because the following picture proves that Harry can wear classic and elegant hairstyles too. He has combed back his hair but still kept sides curly. The combination of straight and curly hair looks not bad doesn’t’ it?

Harry combed back hairstyle 2019

Harry combed back hairstyle 2019

Harry Styles Braided Hairstyles

Braids are perfect when you have long hair. Sometimes it is really hard for men to style their long tresses but I think braids can be the best choice. Harry also likes to opt for braided hairstyles. It can be a simple braid or extraordinary side braided hairstyle. The variety of braided hairstyles gives you the chance to choose your favorite braid.

Harry Styles braided Hairstyle

Harry Styles braided Hairstyle

Harry is fond of natural looking hairstyles so you can also give freedom to your curls. Some people think that there is nothing better than natural looking hairstyles. What if it is really so? If you are lazy and you don’t feel like styling your hair then impress your friends with your natural curls.



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