Faux Hairstyle Ideas 2019

Since there are several types of faux or fake hairstyles today we’ll speak about the most fashionable faux hairstyle ideas for 2019. You will see some great faux bob, faux hawk and faux bang hairstyles which are creative enough and will give you new hair styling ideas. So, let’s get started!faux hairstyles for 2019Sleek Faux Bob Hairstyle

I would like to start with a classy faux bob hairstyle which is cool for special occasions. If you have medium length straight hair you can easily achieve this cute hairdo. It’s more beautiful with side parted bangs and looks like a real short bob haircut. You can tuck front hair behind your ears to keep your bob haircut tighter and to show off your pretty face features. After you get the desired sleek effect don’t forget to fix it with hair spray. sleek faux bob 2019Messy Faux Bob Hairstyle

Those who are fond of more eye-catching hairstyles should go for a teased and voluminous faux bob hairstyle. If you want to bring out your facial features then you should also comb back all your hair teasing it beforehand. This messy look will grab attention and will make you sparkle. You can go for it for formal occasions and you will surely amuse your friends and relatives.messy faux bob hair 2019Curly Faux Bob Hairstyle

The next is a more girlish and youthful faux bob hairstyle. This one is in a curly style and looks ravishing with side bangs. Teenagers who are looking for a cool and trendy hairdo for their medium hair to rock in their prom night may like this curly fake bob. It’s a romantic hairstyle to combine with a subtle dress.curly faux bob hai 2019Faux Hawk Hairstyle

Finishing the theme of the faux bob hairstyles we pass on the popular faux hawk hairdo. This hairstyle is mainly achieved on short haircuts and is easy to get on your pixie haircut. You can rock it for formal events and it will attract everyone’s attention.runway faux hawk hairstyle 2019Faux Bang Hairstylesfake bang hairstyle idea 2019Creating faux bangs of different styles is so easy and funny. You play with your hair and get a stunning fake bang hairstyle. It’s easier to fake with headbands but more professionals get it even without headbands, bandannas or other hair accessories.so, if you don’t have bangs it’s not obligatory to cut off your front hair to get this result. All you need is just professionally hiding some part of your hair into your updo and leave the tips to create the fringe. fake bang hairstyle 2019



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