Elegant Straight Medium Hairstyles 2019

Hairstylists generally recommend to go for mid-length haircuts to have the chance of styling various trendy hairstyles. Actually mid-length is the best style for many ladies. It is not only trendy but also has many advantages. First of all it changes long thin hair into a thicker-looking haircut. Then it refreshes long thick locks and helps you to get rid of unhealthy and damaged ends. Besides, medium haircuts are not too long and nor too short and therefore look feminine, attractive and fresh. Now it’s the high time for you to rock medium straight hairstyles in 2019.medium straight hairstyles 2019Medium Straight Ombre Hairstyle

We have been discussing the trendy ombre style for such a long time and we have always mentioned that it is best reflected on straight locks. Here is the excellent example of medium straight ombre hairstyle that can give you a new idea on how to beautify your mid-length tresses.straight medium ombre hairstyle 2019Medium Straight Middle Part Hairstyle

Being inspired by the latest fashion shows celebrities go for the simple middle parting to highlight the well-balanced effect of their medium haircuts. Middle part hairstyles are perfect especially for those who have dark roots. Due to the center parting you will have the chance to showcase the fresh dark roots creating a mini ombre style.straight center parted lob hairstyle 2019Medium Side Pulled Straight Hairstylestraight side parted medium hairstyle 2019More often we opt for wavy side parted hairstyles but they are beautiful in straight styles too, especially when the thing is about medium haircuts. What does this side parting do with your look? If you think it can do nothing special then feel the touch of sophistication and attractiveness in the following side pulled medium straight hairstyles.  straight side parted medium hair 2019Medium Straight Haircut with Bangs

As for bangs the best choices for medium straight hair are blunt and side swept fringes. They are ideal for naturally straight and smooth hair. You can easily style you bangs and can go for a variety of looks. However the structure of the bangs that you choose should match your face shape and facial features.straight medium bang hair 2019Straight Medium Blonde Hairstyle

Besides discussing hairstyles we also pay attention to the fresh hair colors which make hair trendier and shiner. Straight medium blonde hairstyles are very alluring and eye-catching in their subtleness. They are great in ash, buttery, golden and honey blonde hair colors. Even in messy styles these hair colors tend to provide you with delicacy.straight center-parted lob hair 2019Medium Straight Brunette Hairstyle

When it comes to medium and brunette hairstyles we see how balanced and harmonious they look taken together.  No matter what type of medium haircut you have; it is beautiful in brunette hair colors. You can opt for a long A-line bob or for a layered lob hairstyle. Both are fashionable and pretty.straight medium hair with bangs 2019



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