Elegant Long Braided Hairstyle Ideas for 2019

When it comes to elegant hairstyles I become more excited because these are the loveliest and the most feminine hairdos wearing which each girl can look like a princess. Today I would like to refer to the hottest elegant long braided hairstyles for 2019. If you want to know what is trendy in 2019 for your long hair then keep on reading. Here you will find the most beautiful long braids.long braided hairstyles 2019Long Bang Braided Hairstyle

If you have long hair along with grown out bangs and want to style your bangs too then this braid is for you. Style a bang braided hairdo across your forehead and feel the charm that this cute braid brings to your face expression. It is a youthful and very eye-catching braided hairstyle for long straight hair. You can wear it on casual days and for birthday parties.long bangs braid hairstyle 2019Fishtail Pigtail Braids

Those who have thick hair and can get two beautiful braids on both sides of their hair are welcome to opt for the trendy fishtail pigtail braids. If before many used to go for simple pigtail braids now they choose fishtail pigtails as fishtail braids are more fashionable these days.long braided pigtails 2019French Asymmetrical Braidlong asymmetrical braid 2019Side or asymmetrical braids achieved by the French braiding technique are flashy and very required hairstyles among long-haired ladies. You start it from one side or from the top part and end on another side. The effect is really pretty and engaging. If you have two-tone hair color the charm of your braided hairstyle will be just unique.long french braid 2019French Ombre Braid

I love the way ombre style is reflected on braided hairstyles. It is so seductive and wonderful. You see the color separation clearly and feel how charming this style is. It is more beautiful on long hair and it’s better if you go for a braided hairstyle that starts from the very top of your locks. The final result is amazing.long ombre braid hairstyle 2019Long Braided Updo

When you need to get a super elegant and classy look you often pick updo hairstyles. In this case you long hair allows you to style an incredibly spiffy fishtail braided updo hairstyle. If you have long bangs or short layers in front part you may leave them out of your braid to frame your face.  long braided updo 2019Long Box Braids

Box braids are the favorite braided hairstyles of black women. Though they are usually achieved on long hair but in case you have medium length tresses you can add some hair extensions to give it a more eye-catching look. Elegant box braids are generally in monotone shades but if you like playful hairstyles you can add colorful extensions as well. long box braids 2019Double Waterfall Braid Hairstyle

This one is for long straight hair for sure. If many choose the simple waterfall braid for short and long hair equally then this one is better for long tresses. It is very elegant and exquisite and looks quite festive to be chosen as a party or prom hairstyle. double waterfall braid hairstyle 2019



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