Catwalk Braided Hairstyle Inspiration for 2019

2017 is going to be the year of braid for sure as during so many fashion weeks we often meet gorgeous braided hairstyles with new solutions. The best options are collected here for you. Perhaps you are looking for a new hair braiding inspiration and seek for the latest ideas. runway braids 2019Don’t miss this article because you are in the right place. Here we are going to suggest you the best catwalk braided hairstyles for 2019. So, let’s start!

Simple Messy Braid by Michael KorsMichael Kors braided hair for 2019If you think that messy hairstyles are less beautiful then let’s discuss this hairstyle. It’s a loose messy braided hairdo offered by Michael Kors. As you see it’s achieved on layered wavy haircut which is already messy in its form. The charm of the following braid is hidden just behind its messiness. Hairstylists reasonably added hair extensions and shaggy layers so that the eye-catching messiness of the hairdo could be highlighted. It is pretty in its simplicity and carefree effect.Michael Kors braided hair 2019Thick French Braid by SunoSuno French braid for 2019Here you see a great combo of fishtail and simple braid which provided the models of Suno with exaggerated and thick French braid. It’s in a loose form which gifts hair fullness and thickness, so ladies with thin hair should often opt for this kind of braided hairstyles.Suno French braid 2019Desert Braid by Mara HoffmanMara Hoffman dessert braids 2019During Mara Hoffman’s shows we have seen unique and brand new braided hairstyles. They are rather messy sectioned low ponytail hairstyles than braids but their cool nature has a touch of a braiding style in it. Hairstylists have used the kneading technique so that the braid could look loose and could have the desired bubbly-looking effect.Mara Hoffman dessert braid for 2019Playful Fishtail BraidsMarco de Vincenzo fishtail braid for 2019In order to create more astounding and unique fishtail braids Marco de Vincenzo’s hairdressers have used pink, blue and yellow ribbons. These multicolored vibrant ribbons mingled into fishtail braids beautifully go with shiny monotone hair colors looking like real bright highlights on hair. They are very lovely and make the hairstyle more sophisticated.Marco de Vincenzo fishtail braid 2019Braided Updo by Giorgio ArmaniGiorgio Armani braid 2019What was shown by Giorgio Armani can be called trendy Mohawk hairstyle. These braided updos remind us of the stylish faux hawk or Mohawk hairstyles with their cornrows, complicated mini knots and top braided styles. These updos are quite complicated hairstyles to be worn for special occasions.

Center Parting Braids by GiambaGiamba braided hair 2019Small, cute and sophisticated; this is all about the center parting braided hairstyles shown during Giamba’s shows. They are simple cornrow braids that run across the center part of hair creating a fascinating shiny, tight and pretty hairstyle. They are combined with loose, healthy-looking, fresh-colored slightly wavy long hairstyles.

Braided Ponytail by Rachel ZoeRachel Zoe braid 2019Don’t know what to sport for a special party? Choose this stunning braided ponytail hairstyle by Rachel Zoe. It has a bohemian touch in it and looks very pretty especially on long tresses.Rachel Zoe braid for 2019



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