Casual Retro Hairstyles 2019

Do you love to rock the lovely retro style in casual days and to look glamorous? This article is for you because here you will see casual retro hairstyles for 2019 which are very trendy and very beautiful. They are comfy, eye-catching and very feminine at the same time. No matter you have short, long, curly or straight hair, you can look fabulous with the right chosen hairstyle. So, let’s start!casual retro hairstyles 2019Casual Retro Bob Hairstyle

Retro bob haircuts are in two styles. They are either straight or curly. Here you see its curly option with cute curly bangs. As a nice casual hairstyle you can wear it in everyday life. It’s also very girlish and draws attention. You can just focus on your makeup which should be subtle and natural-looking.short casual retro hairstyle 2019Casual Retro Ponytail

Retro ponytails differ from the rest of pony hairstyles with their eye-catching and glamorous nature. They are te4ased on the top part and are styled into high or medium forms. You may go for this hairstyle on casual days since it’s the simplest vintage hairstyle to enjoy in everyday life.casual vintage ponytail 2019Vintage Half Updo Hairstyle

Formal vintage half updo are often styled with tight curls or rolls. This one is rather casual because it’s in a loose wavy style. The voluminous crown part makes it quite flashy and look very pretty with carefree face framing strands.casual retro half updo 2019Messy Casual Updo with Headband

Vintage headband hairstyles are now very popular due to their comfy and spiffy nature. When you style a messy casual updo you can beautify it with a stylish headband. It will also keep your hair along with your bangs out of your face.messy updo with headband 2019Casual Retro Updo Hairstyle

Women who often style updos for casual days may go for this neat updo hairstyle. Actually it’s a low bun with wavy fringe but these waves are not common, they are the popular finger waves which are pure retro hairstyles.casual retro updo 2019Retro Bob with Hedaband

As I have already mentioned retro bobs are of two types. This the short blunt bob in a tidier and classier form. To sport it on casual days you can add a cute headband and side sweep your bangs.short bob with headband 2019Side Parted Retro Hairstyle

And finally here you see a cool side parted vintage hairstyle which is great for casual days. You can style it whenever you want to beautify your second day hair or your carefree hairstyle. Again you are supposed to style it with a headband which can work with the colors of your outfits. In order to make it glamorous you should tease the crown part and fix it with a hair spray.side parted retro hairstyle 2019



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