Amber Heard’s Glamorous Hairstyles to Copy in 2019

Being a big fan of glamorous retro hairstyles and makeups Amber Heard is one of the most inspiring beauties whose hairstyles come up with many variations and are worthy to try this year. Her shiny brown and blonde hairstyles are always fresh and so healthy-looking. The festive looks combined with subtle and cool makeups are the best choices for those hairdos. Actually, the best way to discover the secret of her beauty is looking through some of the most flattering hairdos matched with the right markups and outfits. Once you catch her style and tricks you discover the secret of her prettiness. O, be inspired by the following string of Amber Heard’s hairstyles to copy in 2019.Amber Heard hairstyles 2019 Amber Heard Side Parted Curls

Just at the time when we think everything is over with ombre Amber goes and experiment with a brand new ombre hair color with vintage-inspired side parted modern waves. The sleek and glossy effect of this hairdo is more than fancy and glamorous. Her hairstylist has used spiral curling technique to achieve cool tight curls and then brushed all out to get loose waves which are then pulled to one side and pinned on the back part.Amber Heard side-parted curls hairstyle 2019

Amber Heard side parted curls 2019

Amber Heard side-parted curls 2019

Amber Heard Elegant Updo Hairstyle

The bouffant updos that Miss Amber likes to rock are gain retro inspired but they are so stylish and elegant in their stunning styles. Since she is blessed with super attractive and slender sharp cheekbones bouffant updo hairstyles highlight her charming face shape and draw attention to her pretty eyes and tender lips. This hairdo is sometimes combined with the trendy French twist and looks seductive with the top part teased bouffant.Amber Heard hairstyle bouffant updo 2019 Amber Heard Blonde Layered Hairstyle

Slipping from brunettes to blonde so effortlessly has become a fun game for Amer. She is amazingly engaging in both shades and each time looks different with anew hair color. She likes to turn from light to dark and the vice versa. Here we see her in a light yellowish blonde layered hairstyle. The layers frame her face so beautifully and daintily. Layers suit her as much as side-parted waves.Amber Heard blonde layered hairstyle 2019,Amber Heard Medium Ombre Hairstyle

Among so many ombre hair colors we couldn’t miss this lovely blonde ombre hair color on medium-layered hairstyle. The light blonde roots with platinum undertones are so harmonious with light brown tips. As you see she has also dyed the tips of her bangs into a darker shade and this makes the ombre more well-balanced and charming.Amber Heard wavy ombre lob 2019



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