Alberta Ferretti Braided Updo Hairstyles 2019

A week ago Alberta Ferretti represented its ritzy and refined renaissance inspired evening collection in Paris. It is all about elegance with the bohemian touch in it. The romantic and lofty looks of models are just delightful and scrumptious. As for the hairstyles they are easy to copy hair ideas for many hairstylists. You can achieve the desired look even on your own. They are stunning braided updo hairstyles for 2019 decorated with flashy and stylish metallic elastic ribbons. Alberta Ferretti braided updo hairstyles for 2019In order to create it you need to wear a cute metallic elastic headband and twist hair around it. Finish the style with a bun hairdo at your nape with the help of simple bobby pins. Another way to get the bun is creating a ponytail and then wrapping the tail around the tie. Secure with bobby pins and keep the effect a bit messy.Alberta Ferretti braided updo hairstyles 2019 It will provide you with a more natural-looking result. Many have already tried this hairstyle even among celebrities. It is a lovely hairdo for special occasions and draws attention. Those who want to sport it on casual days can take common scarves which they wear in everyday life. Generally everything depends on your outfits and entire style.Alberta Ferretti messy braided updo hairstyle 2019 If you go for a street style then take leather headbands and for more ravishing looks opt for glossy and dainty elastic ribbons. Now have a look at the best examples of this braided updo hairstyle and keep in mind that in spite of its name it’s rather twisted than braided (the look is close to braided hairstyles).   Alberta Ferretti braided updo hairstyle idea 2019Blonde and Brunette Braided Updo Hairstyles

Though in the majority of cases designers offer to use headbands which create a contrast with your shade to bring out your hair color Alberta Ferretti’s hairdressers recommend to go for more harmonious combinations taking matching and suitable headbands. The same headband is chosen for all shades from light blondes to dark brunettes and even for red hues. It is a silver and black colored flashy metallic elastic ribbon with glitters on it.Alberta Ferretti blonde braided updo 2019 According to your taste and outfit you can pick the most suitable ribbon with our without glitters. However glitters make the hairstyle more luxurious. So, be inspired by Alberta Ferretti’s luxurious limited-edition spring 2019 evening collection with the feminine and airy braided updo hairstyles. We wish you a stunning and capturing look for the upcoming special evening party.Alberta Ferretti brunette braided updo hairstyle



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