2019 Trendy Short Haircuts for Men

We, stylish women, love the way stylish men look with their trendy haircuts. It’s not a secret that hairstyle plays a great role in man’s appearance. It can change all our imagination about the lifestyle of a men who is in a fashionable hairstyle. Though there are numerous haircuts for men but the most masculine ones are short cuts for sure. Today’s article will focus on the most handsome men’s short haircuts for 2019.

Short Classy Haircut for Thick Hairshort haircut for thick hair men 2019Men with thick hair don’t find it smart to go for long hairstyles and this is right because thick hair is sometimes inconvenient to keep in long length. Instead they choose short haircuts which have quite classy and tempting look and make their voluminous hair look sleeker.

Short Curly Haircut for Menshort curly haircut for men 2019Handsome men with curly locks sometimes don’t feel comfy with their voluminous and a bit girlish hairstyle when it’s long. It’s better to opt for a short haircut to have a manly and seductive look. On the other hand short curls are cozier for various occasions.

Short Spiky Hairstyle for Menspiky hair 2019Nowadays even women with pixie haircuts go for spiky hairstyles but they have a masculine touch in them and this is more obvious especially on short haircuts. Your short top part hair can provide you with enough body to create a trendy spiky hairstyle and to draw much attention. This hairdo appeals to many women.

Short Side Shaved Mohawk Hairstyle for Menshort side shaved haircut for men 2019Shaving only the sides of your hair you may get a low Mohawk hairstyle. In spite of being short your top part hair will look like a faux hawk hairstyle even without additional styling. In case you have thin and sleek hair you may style it into a Mohawk hairstyle with hair cream or hair gel and fix with a hair spray.

Short Pompadour Hairstyle for Menshort hair 2019Another trendy hairstyle similar to Mohawk hairdos is the pompadour. It is generally achieved on medium to long hairstyles but it is also possible to get on short haircuts.

Short Side Combed Hairstyle for Menshort side combed hairstyle for men 2019As it’s not an easy task to backcomb short hair we opt for the side combed elegant hairstyles. They are easy to achieve on short haircuts and look tidy, neat and sleek. You may pick this hairstyle for formal occasions.

Buzz Cut for Menbuzz cut for men 2019This is my favorite style in man’s haircuts. It’s the most masculine haircut that any guy can rock. Many find it a comfy haircut that never requires much care and is always in form. Go for the stylish buzz cut if you need a low-maintenance hairstyle.



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