2019 Trendy Hairstyles with Fishtail Braids

Fishtail has become the most popular braided hairstyle as it is combined with lots of other hairstyles and plaits. This versatile braid is now seen with updos and other trendy hairdos. If you love new braiding ideas then check out this collection of trendy hairstyles with fishtails for 2019 and inspire your friends with brand new hairdos. Discover the stylish world of fishtail hairstyles right here!hairstyles with fishtail braids 2019Fishtail Halo Braid

Say goodbye to the old-fashioned simple crown braids and try out cool fishtail halo plaits. They provide you with festive and comfy updo hairstyles which keep all hair out of the face. However, if you have bangs you can frame your face with cute fringes. In many cases halo braid bring out the ritzy ombre hair colors as dark roots meet lighter colored tips.fishtail halo braid 2019Fishtail Half-Updo Hairstyle

The dull and casual half-updos have already done their job in the hairstyle industry and now the turn is for more evolved semi-updos. Fishtail half-updos are not only chic and pretty hairstyles but they also highlight the beauty of two or three-tone hair colors along with their highlights. If you like to bring out the ravishing thickness of your hair then fishtail half-updos are for you. They are ideal on straight tresses.  fishtail half updo 2019Messy Updo with Fishtails

Beautify your bedhead hair with fishtail braids. Go for a messy and loose updo and finish it with side fishtails which meet on the central part of your back pulled hairstyle. This kind of hairstyles are casual and go with second day locks. Braids soften messy hairstyles and make them trendier.updo with fishtails 2019Low Bun with Fishtail

Do you often style your hair into buns? You will surely like the idea of switching it up. In this case cute and half-fishtails are great solutions. They can be combined in different ways according to your hair length and preferences. Just plait some part of hair into a fishtail braid and take a handful of bobby pins to achieve the low bun hairstyle. Use your own imagination to get a fantastic and original half-bun half-fishtail hairstyle.fishtail with bun 2019French Braid with Fishtail

As I have already mentioned above fishtail braids are combined not only with updos but also with other braided hairstyles. So, one of the most common mixtures is the French and fishtail braid combination. This is a thick braid that starts from the top part with a French braids and ends with a tight fishtail. In order to get a unique solution you may use an asymmetrical plaiting technique like in the represented example.   french braid with fishtail 2019



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