2019 Trendy French Twist Hairstyles

Whether you are in a search of a creative updo hairstyle for a date night, for office or just want to update your simple ponytail you may never go wrong with the trendy French twist hairstyle. This hairstyle is going to be one of the most requited updos in the fashion world in 2019. So, you should know some cool version of this comfy, elegant and seductive hairdo. Here they are!french twist hairstyles 2019 Ponytail French Twist

Tired of the same simple pony? Liven it up combining with the trendy French twist. This hairstyle brings out your hair color and gifts you a stunning elegant ponytail hairstyle. If you like you can wear it on casual days in a messy form and with face framing strands but as an office hairstyle it’s great too.french twist ponytail hairstyle 2019French Twist with Side Swept Bangs

Why side swept bangs? Because they are the best bangs to match with this classy hairdo. Side bangs seem to complete the lovely French twist hairstyle and make it even subtler and more seductive.french twist updo with side bangs 2019Bouffant French Twist Hairstyle

How attractive makes your French twist the eye-catching bouffant is just incredible. This amazingly beautify hairstyle is ideal for women over 30 who want to be in the center of attention. You bring out all your face features and get a formal updo hairstyle.bouffant french twist 2019Double French Twist Hairstyle

Double French twist updo hairstyles are much more fascinating. Though they are simple but they look very complicated and are too tight. These two twists that meet in the center of your back part hair create a fantastic look.double french twist hairstyle for 2019Middle Part French Twist Hairstyle

Since the majority of French twist hairstyles are backcombed and are usually styled with poofs you may change its common look into a more playful and youthful option. Just go for a middle part French twist. Middle part hairstyles as quite trendy in 2019.center part french twist updo 2019Retro French Twist Hairstyle

If you like the trendy retro style and want to see its touch in your French twist hairdo then try to curl or roll the front part hair that hides your forehead. It could be your fringe or the short layers near your face. Make them curly and pull back.retro french twist 2019

Wet-Look French Twist Hairstyle

Who could imagine that wet-look hairstyles are going to become so popular? They are everywhere. We see straight, long and loose hairstyles in slicked styles, we see ponytails and various updos as well as wavy hairstyles in wet-look. It seems as if you can match this look with any hairdo and the French twist is not an exception.  Due to this style it becomes more eye-catching, shinier and even tighter.slicked french twist hairstyle 2019Highlighted French Twist Hairstyleoscar de la renta french twist 2019

During Oscar de la Renta’s shows we have seen elegant French twist hairstyles in creative solutions. Hairstylist decided to add some vibrant highlights both to dark and light hair particularly on the top part. It was quite interesting and beautiful on these French twists. You can use hair chalks to get the same effect for your updo hairstyles. oscar de la renta french twist hairdo 2019



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