2019 Short Straight Hairstyles

Straight is the type of hair that ideally shows off the structure of your haircut. This is the classiest type of tresses which is either natural or styled. If you have natural straight hair or often go for straight hairstyles then discover the most stylish short straight hairstyles for 2019. In spite of being so simple these hairstyles have a kind of sophistication in them that makes you look more attractive.short straight hairstyles 2019Short Straight Layered Pixie Haircut

So, let’s start from the simplest short haircut. It’s the layered pixie in a straight form. Here you see three different options of layered haircuts and each has its own charm. Short layers are generally chosen for fine hair and if you have straight fine hair then layers are must so that your haircut won’t look sleek and dull. Besides layered cuts give you many hair styling opportunities.short straight layered pixie haircut 2019Straight Bowl Cut Hairstyle

Being inspired by the vintage style hairstylists have created a glamorous bowl cut hairstyle. This is a one type of short bob haircuts in a layered style. It is generally in straight forms.short straight bowl cut 2019Straight Bob Hairstyle

Both natural straight and styled bob haircuts looks very classy. They are great especially for thick hair and look prettier on monotone colored hair which has a fresh shine and healthy look. With the help of this straight style you can bring out all the stunning hues of your hair color. You may dye your locks in trendy jet black, copper red, platinum blonde or pastel hair colors.short straight bob hairstyle 2019Short Straight French Bob Hairstyle

The majority of short French bob hairstyles are met in straight styles and with straight bangs. They are more eye-catching with short fringe which draws attention to your eyes. This is considered as an edgy haircut and again tends to show off the shades of your hair color. So, if you choose it you’d better refresh your hair color too.short straight french bob 2019Sleek Wet-Look Straight Pixie Hairstyle

Sometimes women with short pixie haircuts want to have a gorgeous and flashy look. In this case they copy the latest trend from celebrities. The thing is about sleek wet-look hairstyles. They have an incredible shine and allow you to go for a super straight side combed hairdo. However this hairstyle doesn’t go with all facial features and in order to keep your feminine look you are supposed to combine it with a nice makeup.short straight wet look hair 2019Straight Pixie Haircut with Highlights

Highlights are usually best reflected on straight haircuts. Though they are amazingly beautiful on wavy hairstyles too but their real design is felt on straight locks. In case you have thin pixie haircut and want to add dimension to it you can opt for trendy highlights.  short straight haircut with highlights 2019 Short Straight Ombre Bob

We couldn’t but mention that ombre style is one of the most fashionable hair coloring styles that you can use to beautify your short straight bob haircut. Dark roots and light ends combination is ideally reflected on straight hair. So, give it a try in 2019.short straight ombre hair 2019



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