2019 Short Pixie Haircuts

When it comes to short haircuts the most popular one, of course, is the trendy pixie haircut. It has many styles and designs among which each woman chooses the most suitable haircut for her. It is a new way of bringing a youthful touch in your look and draw attention. Her you will see the best short pixie haircuts for 2019 and will orientate which one you need for your hair type.

Side Shaved Pixie Haircut with Top Volumepixie haircut with side shaved 2019If you choose the side shaved pixie cut then keep the top part a bit voluminous for various hairstyles. You can do lots of thing with this top part hair. Pompadours, faux hawks and all kinds of wavy hairstyles are possible to create on this hair. You can even style retro finger waves for special occasions. On the other hand you keep your hairstyle far from looking too boyish and in case you want to make it more feminine you can dye it into pastel hair color.

Ultra-Short Boyish Pixie Haircutultra-short pixie haircut 2019For women who are brave enough to change their entire style here is the boyish pixie haircut. It’s too short and brings out all your face features. You need to have very slender and subtle facial features to look feminine with this cut.

Short Pixie Haircut with Longer Top Part

pixie hairKeeping the top part a bit longer will provide you with a delicate and more feminine short haircut.  You can add some stylish highlights to your hair making it more eye-catching and beautiful.  Since wet-looking backcombed hairstyles are very trendy in 2019 you may often go for that style due to your longer crown part hair.

Short Layered Pixie Haircut for Thin Hairshort layered pixie haircut for thin hair 2019If women with thick hair can choose various pixie haircuts for their locks then thin-haired ladies should think carefully before picking. It’s very important to go for a short pixie haircut that doesn’t look so smooth and sleek. In order to have some volume on the crown part you need to opt for layers. Layers will provide you with the desired depth and fullness.

Short Pixie Haircut with Long Side Bangsshort pixie haircut with long fringe 2019Long bangs make a short pixie haircut subtler and break down the masculine touch in it.  Choosing long side bangs for your pixie you will not only beautify your hairstyle but will also add some delicacy to it.

Highlights for Pixie Haircutshort pixie haircut with highlighted bangs 2019Many choose highlights only for their bangs and some go for entire dying. If you add vibrant highlights to your bangs you will liven up your hairstyle and will add much charm to it.

Curly Pixie Haircutshort curly pixie haircut 2019Curly ladies who are tired of their long locks and want some radical change in their look should definitely try a pixie haircut. Unlike straight pixie haircuts curly pixies look very feminine and seductive.

Wavy Pixie Haircutshort wavy pixie haircut 2019Today the majority of women who have pixie haircut try the retro style for it. Natural wavy pixie haircuts already have the vintage touch in them and they look lovely, fresh and youthful.

Blonde Short Pixie Haircutpixie haircut in blonde 2019Blonde is the best shade for any pixie haircut. Being a tender hair color it makes any hairstyle look softer and delightful. Choose a nice shade of blonde for your hair matching your complexion and rock the year with a fresh hairstyle.



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