2019 Pixel Hair Colors for Layered Haircuts

After the ravishing ombre and pastel hair colors the turn is for the next big trend. It’s pixelated hair that seems to be created special for straight layered haircuts. This is the innovative hair coloring idea of Spanish hairstylists. If you are interested in xpression pixel hair colors for layered hair to try in 2019 have a look at these fantastic examples.pixel hair colors for layered hair 2019Short Layered Pixelated Pixie Hairstyle

So, this is short layered pixie haircut in dark hair color. It is beautified with fiery red and orange pixel hair color. They make the dull monotone look of your haircut more attractive and eye-catching. Section by section added colors create the desired effect on your hair.layered short pixel hair 2019Medium Layered Pixelated Hairstyle

The asymmetrical look of this hairstyle is created just for purpose. As you see the natural brown hair color is now highlighted with pink pixel hair colors that go with bold makeup. The effect is more prominent thanks to the sleek and straight style of the layers.layered haircut in pixel hair color 2019Short Pixelated Hairstyle

Here is another pixie haircut with pixel shades. It’s a brown colored hair with warm and bright orange pixel hair colors. As these highlights are not so many they look very subtle and pretty.pixel hair color for 2019Layered Lob Hairstyle with Pixel Hair Colors

This one is rather eye-catching because of the vibrant pink, blue and violet hues on dark hair. They are very astounding especially in this puzzled effect. It’s just incredible and e can say that the hair colorist has worked wisely. Besides creating the pixelated style he/she also added a stunning design to it.pixel hair color for layered hair 2019Pastel Pixelated Short Hair

Adding pastel highlights on blonde hair is quite common but what about dark hair? In this case brunettes can opt for the tender pixel style. You need to combine several shades of pastel on your layered haircut. The result will be very cute.pixel hair color ideas 2019Rainbow Pixelated Hairstyle

Here you see a unique pixelated hairstyle with plenty of shades. It’s new rainbow coloring idea both for dark and light locks. But for a perfect result you may need millions of short and long layers starting from the top part of your hair and including your fringe as well. pixel hair colors 2019Vibrant Orange Pixel Highlights

Well, if you want to get the touch of the sun and the touch of the flame on your hair go for this kind of vibrant coloring. It is too warm and bright for dark hair.layered pixel hair color 2019



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