2019 Natural Hairstyles for Afro-American Women

It’s not a secret that the majority of Afro-American women have frizzy and curly locks but it’s not always necessary to straighten them to look nice, actually you damage your hair by straightening too often. Instead, you can find out trendy natural Afro-American hairstyles to try in 2019. There are lots of things to do with your natural hair to be prettier and to be in the center of attention. So, let’s discover these hairstyles together. natural hairstyles 2019Medium Natural Hairstyle

Go for a medium cut to refresh your curly locks. This hairstyle is he most convenient one which gives you many hair styling opportunities. You can achieve many hairstyles on medium length locks starting from loose to tight updos.medium natural hairstyle 2019Long Layered Natural Hairstyle

If you have long natural hair and don’t want to go for a short haircut but still need to update it you may opt for long layers. Though they are hardly noticeable in curls but they really change your hairstyle into a better one.  long layered natural hairstyle 2019Blonde Highlights for Natural Hair

Another easy way to liven up your natural tresses is adding cute blonde highlights. They are always trendy for dark hair and tend to lighten up your natural shade. So, you can take dirty blonde, honey blonde or golden blonde shades to highlight your black or dark brown hair.blonde highlights for natural curly hair 2019Havana Twists for Natural Hair

Colored Havana twists are very popular in 2019. They are worn by anyone who want to change her entire look. These twists are quite long to draw attention and they are quite flashy in their colors to make you stand out from the crowd. However those who like to rock black locks may choose black Havana twists.havana twists 2019Side Braided Undercut Hairstyle

Braiding one side of your hair into tight baby braids you will have an awesome undercut effect for your long locks. This is very requested in salons and even women with straight hair go for it.side undercut braids 2019Pigtail Braids for Natural Hair

Do you need to look younger and more attractive? You may like the stylish French pigtail braids. They are quite tight and make your face expression cuter. As playful and youthful hairstyles they are great for young ladies.pigtail braids 2019Natural Bun Hairstyle

As for high buns I can say that the best bun hairstyles are worn by black women. They rock it so amazingly that it seems as if this is the hairstyle special for curly hair. High bun keeps all your hair out of your face and brings out your slender facial features. On the other hand it is very classy and comfy to rock at workplace. You can always choose it for your second day hair too.natural bun hairstyle 2019Braided Updo Hairstyle

Cornrows and braided bun hairstyles are great to have all your hair in a tight form. This elegant hairstyle can be a good choice for parties and for other special occasions. It is not only fascinating but is also very convenient. You can match it with subtle makeup to look even more seductive.braided updo natural hair 2019



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