2019 Curly Down Hairstyles for Long Hair

Whether you are getting prepared for a wedding, birthday or formal party it’s important to care about the hairstyle you are going to wear. While short-haired ladies find several posh hairstyle ideas for prom nights long hair gives us limitless opportunities of elegant hairstyles. Long curly hairstyles for 2019 are so versatile that each can highlight the charm of her luscious tresses, add extra-volume and enhance its attractiveness. long curly hairstyles 2019All types of curls and waves are in thing these days and the most interesting fact is that even retro-inspired finger waves are often seen on the runway and on the red carpet. Below you see the most fashionable long curly hairstyles created on layers, on straight and slightly wavy hair and in glamorous effects.

long side parted curly hairstyle 2019

long side-parted curly hairstyle 2019

While it’s not that easy to pull all hair to one side when it’s short or medium, long hairstyles are cool in this stunning style. If you want to showcase the prettiness of your face on one side then the side pulled curly hairstyles are great for you. In order achieve such a trendy hairdo you need to go for long big waves or tight curls. Hold them with hairspray and keep the top part neat and sleek. Then pull all to one side and secure with bobby pins on the back part. Those who have long side-parted bangs can keep their hairstyle to the direction where the bangs are placed on.

long side parted curly hairstyle idea 2019

long side-parted curly hairstyle idea 2019

Girls who want to highlight their innocent girlish nature are welcome to opt for side pinned curly and wavy hairstyles. In this case you are supposed to curl the tips of your hair. Go for a side or center parting and pin the long face-framing strands on one side with a stylish hair accessory. It’s a cute and lovely hairdo for any young lady.

long curly side pinned hairstyle 2019

long curly side pinned hairstyle 2019

Besides the common curs and waves there is also something very popular among long-haired women. It’s the ravishing ombre style that they like to match with stylish curly and wavy hairstyles. Ombre and sombre hair colors are best reflected on long hair and once you go for a curly hairstyle you bring out all the subtleness of one of these styles.

long ombre hairstyle 2019

long ombre hairstyle 2019

Ombre is a posh and festive style itself an even the simplest waves look luxurious due to its color combination. Now, check out these examples once more and go for as many styles as possible in 2019. Combine them with suitable subtle makeups to get the desired fabulous and gorgeous look.

long curly ombre hairstyle 2019

long curly ombre hairstyle 2019



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