2019 Chic Updos for Long Hair

There are really limitless options to choose from when it comes to updos for long hair for 2019. Updos are among the most common formal hairstyles that can be adopted by everyone regardless of natural texture and hair type. The updo designs range from simple knots and buns to other more sophisticated styles that involve lots of twisting and knitting. There are updos for all women out there. So, if you are lack of inspiration then check these pictures to get inspired from and have an idea on how you can style your chic updo.Chic Updos for Long Hair for 2019 Messy Low Bun

The messy low bun is the most popular option among ladies with long hair. Well, this updo works for most women but the best thing about it is that it is easy to form. To create an effortless yet super stylish updo like this one you need to brush back all your locks and then twist into a messy low bun. Feel free to use bobby pins to secure your bun. Any way to keep the bun even more flattering, leave some tendrils at the front.  Messy Low BunBraided Ponytail Updo

The highlighted strands are perfect since they give the updo a magnificent tone but the locks also have incredible styling. So, to replicate this style you have to sweep your hair back and then plait the locks into a flattering fishtail braid. Finish your fishtail ponytail by tying the tips with an elastic band. If you want to make it a sophisticated hairdo then consider using a gorgeous headband, it will definitely introduce some interest into the style.Braided Ponytail Updo Braided Chignon

Well, if you decide to give your chignon some extra volume, it will make it look even trendier. This voluminous chignon also has a medium size braid that starts on the side and reaches to the back where it wraps around the chignon to provide with a cool look. This headdress is great to pull off with your formal outfit.Braided ChignonTwisted Bun

Hair accessories matter a lot since they can turn a simple hairstyle into something chic and sophisticated. This amazing updo style is all about knitting the locks tightly. If you are planning to re-create it, you will have to start by twisting the strands from the front and finish them in a tight twisted bun. Finish the look with a beautiful broche that will take your look to a top notch.Twisted BunBrunette Ombre Upstyle

Updos are evolving day by day and there is always something new to pull off. A simple style like this will definitely make you stand out. The best thing about this upstyle is that you don’t have to put a lot of effort to recreate it. It involves creating a simple twist at the back of the head starting from one side to another and finishing by sweeping the rest of the strands over the shoulder.  Brunette Ombre Upstyle



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