Gorgeous Hair Highlights 2019

There is no other great way to change your hairstyle into a fresher one than adding some flashy highlights. From the subtlest hues to the most vibrant hair colors we create such hairstyles that grab attention and make us stand out from the crowd. Now there are millions of ways to embellish our hair with highlights and today we’ll speak about the most gorgeous hair highlights for 2019.

Light Blonde Highlights for Brunettesblonde highlights for brunettes 2019This simple way of warming up your hair color is so capturing. Many brunettes who have dark complexion usually pick blonde highlights to lighten up their complexion and as a result, they get another stylish and fresh look. Blonde highlights will create a bronzy effect on your hair that will work with your skin tone.

Pastel Highlights for Blonde Hairpastel highlights for blonde hair 2019For a softer and more ethereal result try peachy or pink pastel highlights on your blonde hair.  If dark hair is a bit harder to change into a too light pastel shade then blonde hair beautifully takes any tender pastel hair color. Pastels are trendy in 2019 and they tend to make any hairstyle look subtle.

Hair Highlights on Bangshighlights on bangs only 2019Add highlights only on your bangs and the effect will be unique. You’ll surely love your new hairstyle but keep in mind that an amazing result depends on the right choice of hair color matching. That is to say, choose the shades that best work with your base hair color as well as with your complexion.

Auburn Highlightsauburn highlights 2019Auburn highlights are rich red shades that best work with red and dark hair colors. They make hair look fuller and add some dimension. Auburn highlights look fantastic especially o long curly and wavy hairstyles. You ca match it with dark eyes and dark to medium skin tones.

Red Highlights for Black Hairred highlights for black hair 2019Red and black are the hottest shades to combine in one hairstyle. They are super on straight hair and bring life to dull black locks. You can add as many red highlights as you like to your hair according to your taste and preferences.

 Purple Highlights for Dark Hairpurple highlights for dark hair 2019For women seeking for more attention bold purple highlights are super. This dramatic look can add a kind of attractiveness to your look and will keep you in the center of attention.

Buttery Blonde Highlights for Light Hairblonde highlights for light hair 2019Sometimes women with place skin tone and light hair color want to make their hair look warmer. In this case, the sun-kissed buttery shade is one of the best options to bring a warmness into the too light hair. After changing your light blonde shade to a warmer hue you will notice the great difference.

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