Funky Hair Highlights to Try in 2019

Tired of the same standard hair colors? Discover the world of edgy shades and funky hair highlights for 2019 to decide what you need to look more eye-catching and playful. All the rainbow, pastel, neon and vibrant highlights are waiting for you to change your look radically and to provide you with a “bright” hairstyle. Looking at these hairstyles some people may think that they are brighter than their mood. This is a strange comparison but the truth is that women with bright hair colors spread a kind of joy around them. So, be one of them among people surrounding you.bold hair highlights 2019 Neon Highlights for Hair

The temporary neon highlights which have incredible shine and vibrancy are the brightest shades for hair. They are combined both with dark and light hair colors and tend to make hair shine even in the darkness. These green, orange, blue, purple and yellow highlights are sometimes worn by celebrities who don’t afraid of huge transformations. Just a few thin neon highlights are enough to create a warm effect for your hair, be it short or long.neon highlights for hair 2019 Pastel Hair Highlights

Blonde hair colors are always thankful for those ravishing pastel highlights. The monotone light blonde shades are easily changed into dolly hairstyles with the help of mint green, lavender, light pink and blue highlights. With the delicate and exquisite pastel highlights your blonde hair will be in the center of attention and will turn the heads. If you don’t want to dye your locks in these shades but still want to try out for a couple of days then use hair chalks which provide with the same result.pastel highlights for hair 2019 Vibrant Hair Highlightsvibrant highlights for hair 2019Well, perhaps you are looking for more striking and astounding highlighting options for your dark or light locks? Here are vibrant highlights including the many shades of blue, green, yellow, orange and purple. They are mixed into one another to gift you stunning and unique highlights. According to your base hair color you can get the most suitable effect if you choose the right hues. Just consult with your hair colorist before dying hair.rainbow hair highlights 2019 Red Highlights for Hairred highlights for hair for 2019Red highlights are generally suitable for black hair. Many black ladies try out this option for such a long time but since white women with black hair stand out from the crowd red highlights can help to draw attention on the skin tone too. Those who have bangs can add red highlights on their fringe too, to showcase the beauty of their complexion and eye highlights for hair 2019



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