2019 Coolest Highlights for Blonde Hair

Being a light hair color blonde always allows us to play with various highlights. This game apples to most women who have naturally blonde hair as they often need to update their hairstyle. While brunettes find fewer options of highlights for dark hair it’s quite easy to add another charm to light blonde shades with the help of trendy highlights in 2019. However before adding any hue one should be careful not to fail the process. In this case you have to find out the most fashionable and flattering highlights for blonde hair to use this year. So, let’s start!highlights for blonde hair 2019Pastel Highlights for Blonde Hair

It goes without saying that pastel highlights are created special for light hair colors. They just complete the ravishing look of any blonde hair. Light pink, lavender, blue, apricot and green shades are always ready to beautify your blonde hairstyles both separately and taken together. If you like ethereal and graceful highlights then opt for one of these hues to use as a highlighting idea. Those who look for a rainbow playfulness may mix the various shades of pastel. According to your preferences you can either warm up or make your current hair color cooler. The choice is always up to you.pastel highlights for blonde hair 2019Balayage Highlights for Blonde Hair

When we say balayage we usually mean its technique. The awesome and creative way of getting balayage highlights on blonde hair amuses not only the customers but also the professional hair colorists who consider it as one of the most effective and beautiful highlighting ideas ever. It keeps your hair natural-looking and ads the desired subtle touch. Besides balayage highlights tend to bring hair to a possible fresh and trendy look. The best hairstyle for this hair color are soft waves and delicate big curls.balayage highlights for blonde hair 2019Brown Highlights for Blonde Hair

If you are tired of your light hair color and want to darken and warm it up a little bit then brown highlights are great for you. According to the lightness of your blonde hair color your hair colorists can provide you with warm light brown highlights which compliment green, brown and hazel eyes. These highlights go well with straight and fresh haircuts. They bring out their cool effect just on straight hair. However waves and curls tend to mix the blonde and brown hues creating a fun and lovely hairstyle.brown highlights in blonde hair 2019Platinum Blonde Highlights for Blonde Hair

And for those who need to add more shine and lightness to their blonde hair there are cool platinum blonde highlights. While some use it as a separate hair color we offer to highlight the beauty of your blonde hair with platinum blonde highlights. They are too shiny and go well with light blonde base hair colors. Actually the difference is not too eye-catching and touchable but the effect that that gives your hair is incredible. After adding these highlights you will notice its fresh and delightful change.platinum blonde highlights for blonde hair 2019



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