Trendy Highlights for Brunette Hair 2019

Do you have natural dark brown or dyed dark chocolate hair? It’s time to liven it up with trendy highlights. Don’t change your current hair color as it is very stylish and attractive. Natural shades are in thing these days and all they need is just being highlighted. Special for beautiful brunettes I will introduce the hottest highlights on brown hair to try in 2019. Keep on reading to discover the secret of beautifying your luscious locks. dark brown hair with highlights 2019Dark Brown Hair with Dirty Blonde Highlights

Women who have dark hair and light complexion and want to go for a bit of lightening can take dirty blonde shade. These highlights all over your hair will change the monotone effect and will ideally work with your skin tone. If you have hazel eyes then the result will be well-balanced.dark brown hair with dirty blonde highlights 2019Brown Hair with Carmel Highlights

This combination is for ladies who have medium to olive skin tones. Caramel highlights will compliment your skin tone and your natural dark brown hair color will perfectly work with your dark eyes. Here you see a trendy side parted wavy hairstyle which looks even more seductive with those caramel highlights.dark brown hair with caramel highlights 2019Dark Brown Hair with Honey Blonde Highlights

Honey blonde highlights have a kind of darkness in them that works with dark hair colors. This hue goes with green and hazel eyes and is beautiful on chestnut hair colors. If you have medium skin tone you may opt for this fantastic hair highlighting idea.dark brown hair with honey blonde highlights 2019Dark Brown Hair with Red Highlights

Vibrant red highlights are always great for dark brown hair colors. They make your hairstyle eye-catching and a bit bold. If you really want to stand out from the crowd with your new hairstyle here is a fashionable medium layered haircut with dark brown hair and red highlights. This combination goes both with light and dark skin tones and is well-balanced with dark eyes.dark brown hair with red highlights 2019 Brown Hair with Ash Blonde Highlights

Choose dark ash blonde highlights for your dark brown hair if you have olive skin tone and light eyes. It goes both with dark and light eyes but is cooler with green eye hue. These blended dark and light shades of ash blonde can be applied only on the tips to provide you with a stunning ombre hairstyle.dark brown hair with ash blonde highlights 2019Dark Brown Hair with Burgundy Highlights

One of the best options for dark brown hair is burgundy hair color. It goes both with dark and light complexions and is nicer with dark eyes. You can bring more shine and attractiveness to your dark brown hair just due to burgundy highlights. They create a mysterious hair color combination that tends to show off the charm of your locks.dark brown hair with burgundy highlights 2019 Brown Hair with Copper Highlights

In case you have light skin tone and light eyes you may go for copper highlights. They warm up your complexion and make change the simple monotone look of your dark brown hair.dark brown hair with copper highlights 2019Dark Brown Hair with Purple Highlights

Purple highlights are usually chosen for deep black or brown hair. They are lovely and vibrant highlights that go with dark skin tones and dark eyes. If you want a playful and a flashier effect you may refer to purple highlights.dark brown hair with purple highlights 2019



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