Subtle Blonde Balayage Hairstyles

When you combine a subtle blonde shade with a light brown hair color you get an incredible dimension and depth for your hair. This modern hair coloring technique is called blonde balayage that is so popular these days. Today we’ll speak about the best blonde balayage hairstyles which are worthy trying.

Short Bob Blonde Balayage HairstyleBlonde Balayage Short HairWomen with short bob haircuts already have a stylish look but to make it more attractive you can color your hair into a stunning light shade of blonde and balayage. This will look quite natural and will add fullness to your hairstyle especially if you have thin hair.

Ash Blonde with Platinum Blonde Balayage HairstyleAsh Blonde with Platinum Blonde BalayageAsh blonde is a great shade to combine with the trendy platinum blonde hair color and get a marvelous blonde balayage effect on your long or short locks. Here you see it on long hairstyle and as you have already noticed it’s quite shiny.

Blonde Balayage Straight Hairstyleblonde balayage straight hairstyle 2019Having such a tender natural look blonde balayage is a great idea for straight hairstyles. Without adding too much colors to your hair you get a too feminine and angelic look. Just try it once on your hair and feel the attractiveness it brings with it.

Blonde Balayage Curly Hairblonde balayage curly hairThose engaging curly hairstyles! There is something very sophisticated in it particularly when it’s colored in the right way. Blonde balayage is a perfect hair color for your luscious curls and it makes this hairstyle even more luxurious, more eye-catching and gorgeous. Just choose the right shades of blonde and light brown for your skin tone and eye color and enjoy the prettiness of your new hairstyle.

Blonde Balayage Pixie Haircutshort pixie blonde balayageFor pixie haircuts that look dull and thin blonde balayage is a great idea. You can color your hair in a light shade of blonde and brown and the result will be very spiffy. As you see it creates an interesting combination of these two hair colors and makes the layered pixie cut fabulous.

Blonde Balayage Highlights for Long Hairblonde balayage highlightsLong-haired girls can liven up their locks by stylish highlights. But which highlights are trendy for 2019? Of course blonde and balayage highlights. They don’t ruin your hairstyle and make it look even more beautiful with some subtle shades. On the other hand, you get a pretty natural-looking hairstyle. So, you can opt for it for your new feminine look.

Photo Credits: Stylish Hairstyles



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