Runway Inspired Hair Color Ideas for 2019

Everyone knows that the first crazy experiments of hair colors are done on model’s hair. They are the brave women who appear with new hair styling solutions and ideas. The hair colors that soon become so popular are just taken by their examples. Many celebrities copy what models wear and later on stylish women steal this or that style. In this post we have collected the best runway hair color ideas for 2019. You can try any shade you like matching your complexion. Some of them are very ravishing and cool and some are just bold and dramatic. Find your style right here!

Platinum Blonde Hair Colorplatinum blonde hair color 2019Platinum blonde was the trend of 2015 and it continues to be one of the most requested blonde shades in the world of fashion. In spite of being so light it is chosen both by blondes and brunettes. It works with cool skin tones as well as with dark complexions.platinum blonde hair colorPixel Hair Colorspixel hair color 2019Pixelated hair is a crazy hairstyle that starts to become more and more popular. It’s a creative idea for hair dying and looks very fascinating. The bright shades create a stunning pixel effect on straight layered haircuts. They highlight your hair beautifully no matter it’s dark or light.

Pastel Highlights for Blonde Hairpastel highlights for blonde hair 2019Pastel hair colors are the lightest shades of green, blue, purple and pink. These shades are great to highlight blonde hair. They bring an interesting touch to your cool monotone e hair and make you stand out from the crowd.

Rich Copper Hair Colorlayered hair in copper red 2019The rich palette of copper hair color gives you the opportunity of dying your hair in a bright shade of red that works with your complexion. This trend has a fiery effect in it which is best reflected on curly and wavy hairstyles. If you have medium to long hair you may beautify and liven it up with a rich copper hair color either in a dark or in a light shade.

Brown Hair with Caramel Highlightsbrown hair with caramel highlights 2019To change the monotone shade of your brown hair we offer you the most fashionable highlighting option to try in 2019. It’s caramel highlights. They are warm and a bit light shades of brown that perfectly go with other brown hair colors bringing more shine and dimension to your hair. These highlights best work with long hairstyles.

Vibrant Highlights for Short Hairshort pixie with vibrant highlights 2019Short pixie haircuts are trendy hairstyles for 2019. If you already have such haircut you need to refresh it by the means of coloring. You don’t need to change your entire hair color but adding some vibrant highlights to it you will be gifted a dramatic look that will draw much attention.

Bright Roots for Long Hairvibrant roots hair 2019Instead of dying your roots in a dark shade and getting an ombre style you can try bright colors. Green, purple, blue or pink roots will be very pretty if you match them with suitable hair color. If you have dark hair you may go for blue roots and if you have light hair you may opt for pastel shades.vibrant roots hair color 2019



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