Rainbow Roots Hair Trend for 2019

You may fall down from the chair seeing the latest hair color trend for 2019. It’s the rainbow roots. Well, we are familiar with the stunning dark roots in common brown or red shades but what is this? Many call it a weird and shocking hair trend for 2019 and actually it’s too eye-catching and fascinating. But wait for a minute. Besides the common coring technique there is also another cool trick to get rainbow roots. It’s even simpler than you can image. While many just dye their roots in various shades of rainbow, smart, creative and professional hair colorists offer hair sprays to achieve such effects on the roots of hair.rainbow roots hair color trend for 2019 It seems both funny and interesting. You dye your hair without any effort and without considering your skin tone or base shade. The hot, attractive and cool results may inspire many young ladies who seek for more attention and need a radical change in their look. However you may opt for rainbow roots for special occasions to look different and seductive.First this was rainbow highlighted strands and then sand hair art and now we see pastel and rainbow roots. Ladies just can’t stop coring their mane in as many shades as possible. Once they get tired of the popular styles they look for something more fascinating and engaging. And though the recent experiments are generally more than creative but they also become big trends.rainbow roots hair trends for 2019 We say goodbye to the classic ombre hair colors and welcome subtler rainbow roots in plenty of shades from dark blue to the lightest pink. While some prefer to combine several cute shades others go only for one striking hue such as green, blue or purple. This is the field where you have no limits for color matching and both light and dark base hair colors find their matching rainbow roots.  rainbow roots hair for 2019When the stunning and gorgeous blonde Lottie Tomlinson, One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson’s little sister has decided to opt for this new hair coloring method many stylish girls followed her and also dyed their hair roots in trendy rainbow shades. As you see the result is sophisticated, girlish and mesmerizing. rainbow roots hair trend 2019The bright shades of pastel pink, blue, yellow, lavender and green make her light blonde hair sparkle with a warm and fresh shine. It is a cool idea to brighten up light blonde hair and as for dark locks you may try out vibrant blue, red, green, orange and violet. You will surely get a unique and original hairstyle.rainbow roots hair 2019Before dying your locks keep in mind that hair color can easily change your entire look and it’s better to consult with a hair colorist to make the right choice.

rainbow roots hair trend for 2019

rainbow roots hair trend for 2019



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