Orange Hair Color Ideas 2019

Have you ever dreamed of an eye-catching and bold hair color? Orange is here with all its stunning hues and shades. Choose the best one for your skin tone and rock a fabulous edgy hair color in 2019. Orange is a quite warm hair color to mix with various reddish shades and to get a fire and flame effect on your long hair. You can even go for a cool ombre style. Some choose it to soften their boyish short haircuts. So, if you feel that this is your dreamt hair color then have a look at this string of orange hair colors for hair colors 2019Vibrant Orange Hair Color

Perhaps this is the brightest orange hair color that you can choose for your hair. As you see it’s incredibly beautiful on long hair and tends to warm up complexions. This hair colors woks with medium to light skin tones and is perfect especially for pale complexions. You may match it with light eyes as well as with dark eye hair color idea 2019Pastel Orange Hair Color

Pastel orange, in its turn, is the subtlest and lightest shade of orange. It is trendy in 2019 and many choose it to make their haircut delicate and more attractive. Pastel shades tend to enhance your femininity and are able to soften any haircut be it short or long. Pastel orange works with light complexions.pastel orange hair color 2019Fiery Orange Hair Color

Here you see boyish pixie haircut softened with a gorgeous fiery orange hair color. You may also notice some lighter orange highlights on bangs which make the hair color more fascinating. This hair color works both with dark and light skin tones and goes with any eye color.fiery orange short hair 2019Neutral Orange Hair Color

Why do we call this neutral? Because it’s closer to ginger shades which are natural-looking. If you are fond of natural hair colors then you may choose this one among so many orange hues. It is both warm and very subtle and goes with any length of hair color 2019Orange Highlights for Blonde Hairorange highlights for short hair 2019To warm up your platinum blonde hair color you are welcome to go for orange highlights. To get a prettier effect you may ask your hair colorist to add orange highlights only on your bangs. This is trendier for 2019 and looks quite interesting. You can do it both for short and long highlights 2019Red and Orange Ombre Hair Color

As I have already mentioned above it is possible to get a fire and flame effect on your hair by orange and red hues. In this case you are supposed to opt for a ravishing ombre style. Dye your roots in a fiery or dark red hue and the ends in a warm orange hair color. They ideally go with each other and create a unique ombre hairstyle on long ombre hair 2019



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