Kylie Jenner’s Hair Colors to Try in 2019

Sometimes it seems as if some Hollywood stars change their hair colors each week. While they are changing their shades we choose the most fashionable ones for you. Today we will refer to Kylie Jenner’s hair colors for 2019. She is one of the fashion stars that goes for the boldest and for the trendiest hair colors. Let’s discuss these shades.Kylie Jenner hair colors 2019Kylie Jenner Mint Green Hair Color

Having a pretty tanned skin tone Kylie Jenner has opted for alight pastel green hair color for her long hair. It lightens up her complexion and makes her eyes pop out. The dark roots create a balance between light and deep hues of shade and skin tone and make her stand out from the crowd.Kylie Jenner pastel green hair color 2019Kylie Jenner Blue and Green Ombre Hair Color

Here you see Kylie in a messy wavy hairstyle. Her roots are dyed in a dark blue and the ends in a turquoise green hair color. Both hues go with her complexion and grab attention. They create a trendy ombre hair color which is unique in its style.Kylie Jenner blue green hair color 2019Kylie Jenner Baby Blue Hair Color

Baby blue is another light hair color that is beautifully combined with tanned skin and dark eyes. Baby blue is ravishing shade of blue that makes your hair look softer and subtler. It is great both on straight and wavy hairstyles.Kylie Jenner baby blue hair color 2019Kylie Jenner Black and Turquoise Ombre

After Kylie’s great experiment of short ombre hairstyle many copied this look. It seems as if Kylie is a big fan of blue and green colors and like to wear them on her hair. The represented black and turquoise combination is a perfect one for olive skin tones and for dark complexions.Kylie Jenner bold ombre 2019Kylie Jenner Blue Black Hair Color

The next stunning and unique hair color that Kylie has opted for is the blue black. It is dark on the top part and in the middle and is lighter at the ends. Her hair colorist has used the dip dyeing technique to achieve gorgeous blue hair color on the tips. Kylie Jenner blue black hair color 2019Kylie Jenner Dark Brown and Honey Blonde Ombre

Perhaps this is one of the trendiest ombre hair colors that you can choose for 2019. It is very delicate and tends to compliment olive skin and dark eyes.  As you see it is achieved on medium hair and is very pretty.Kylie Jenner honey blonde ombre 2019Kylie Jenner Golden Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

If you have tanned skin and want to go for a golden blonde hair color then you’d better combine it with dark roots like Kylie Jenner did. It provides you with a well-balanced and harmonious look as well as makes your dark shiny eyes pop out.Kylie Jenner golden blonde hair color 2019Kylie Jenner Jet Black Hair ColorKylie Jenner jet black hair color 2019Feel the attractiveness of the monotone shiny jet black hair color on your own hair. This hair color works both with light and dark complexions as well as with light and dark eyes. Kylie Jenner dark brown hair color 2019Kylie Jenner Silver Ombre Hair Color

Taking into account the fact that silver or granny hair color is trendy in 2019 you can choose its ombre style. Combining dark grey and lighter grey hair colors you will get an amazing silver ombre hairstyle.Kylie Jenner grey ombre



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