Jet Black Hair Color

According to many professional hair colorists jet black hair color is one of the powerful shades for hair that makes it look healthy, strong and quite shiny. This is not the dull black but the glossy jet black. It is ideally reflected both on straight and curly hairstyles and tend to freshen your hair.jet black hair color 2019 You just need to match the right shade of this hair color with your skin tone and eye color. Actually it goes almost with all complexions. Below we’ll discuss jet black hair color with different skin tones and you’ll learn whether it’s your hue or not.Since black hair colors have red undertones hair colorists recommend to stay close to your natural shade or to your current hair color. In order to match jet black hair color with your skin tone you should not go more than two levels darker from your hair color. Dark black hair color is a cool option especially if you have light eyes. It tends to make your eyes pop out beautifully. Here are the best matchings for jet black hair color.

Jet Black Hair Color for Light Skin Tonesjet black hair color ideaIf you have light skin tone and want to dye your hair in deep black color then you should take dark neutral tones which border on the deep brown sides. You’d better avoid too dark black hair color not to look washed out and highlight the red pigments of your skin.

Jet Black Hair Color for Medium Skin Tonesjet black hair colorWomen with medium skin tones should pick dark brown hues which are almost black. This will compliment your skin tone and will look well-balanced. Don’t opt for the reddish-black shade as it will only bring out the yellowish tone of your skin.

Jet Black hair Color for Dark Skin Tonesjet black curly hairBlack women or tanned-skin ladies are welcome to experiment with too dark and deep black hair colors. You can use any color that has blue-black undertones because this will compliment your skin tone. It will bring out your olive undertones and will gift it nice green hue.

lily collins black hair

Lily Collins black hair

Celebrities with Jet Black Hair Color

megan fox black hair 2019

Megan Fox black hair 2019

When choosing a shade of jet black have a look at some examples experimented by Hollywood stars like Megan Fox, Lily Collins, Katy Perry, Katie Holmes, Lindsay Lohan and Demi Moore. Here you see some of them in gorgeous black hair color that works both with their skin tones and eye colors.

katy perry black hair

Katy Perry black hair

Try to choose the best shade for your complexion and keep in mind that jet black is a mysterious hair color that brings more charm in your appearance.



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