Hottest Red Hair Color Ideas

It goes without saying that red is an incredible hair color. The rich palette of this shade offers as millions of hair color ideas for all complexions. From the lightest ginger hair color you can go for the darkest burgundy hair colors 2019 According to your skin tone, eye color and, of course, your preferences you are welcome to get the desired shade on your hair. Adding some fiery highlights you will entirely change your look. Now, discover the hottest red hair color ideas below.

Fiery Red Hair Colorfiery red hair color 2019Fiery red is the brightest shade of red. It’s a glam hair color to dye your long hair in. many celebrities have already enjoyed its charm and now it’s time to experiment with it to bring out all the luxury of your long locks. This hair color works both with dark and light complexions.

Burgundy Hair Colorburgundy hair colorComparing this shade with the hue of the dark red wine hairstylists have called it burgundy. This hair color has a mysterious touch in it and looks ideal with dark eyes. It best works with pale complexions and tends to make them more seductive.

Copper Red Hair Colorcopper red hair color 2019Consider the shiny copper red hair color in 2019 as it’s one of the trendiest hair colors. Copper red is a glossy shade that has many red hues in it. They are best seen under the rays of the sun which “like” to play with them.

Dark Red Hair Colordark red hair colorThis monotone dark red is closer to burgundy and mahogany shades and looks very sophisticated on long straight hairstyles. If you have light complexion it will highlight the lightness of your skin tone and if you have dark complexion it will just complement your dark skin tone.

Fire and Flame Red Ombrefire and flame red ombreThe fabulous combination of fiery red and warm ginger will provide you with a trendy and unique ombre hairstyle. This fire and flame effect is best reflected on long layered wavy hairstyles. It seems as if you have worn the fire on your hair and enjoy its flashiness.

Mahogany Red Hair Colormahogany red hair color 2019Mahogany red is, perhaps, the nice shade of red which is close to reddish brown hues. It’s a rich hair color ideal for the fall season. It works with dark skin tones and enhances the beauty of light complexions.

Ginger Hair Colorginger hair color 2019The natural hue of red that you can see among natural human hair colors is the warm ginger. This is a lighter red hair color that is subtle and makes your hair look softer. Those who don’t have natural red hair may take this very shade for a natural-looking effect.curly red hair 2019Light Red with Blonde Highlightslight red hair color with blonde highlights 2019Need to lighten up your red hair color? Add some blonde highlights to it. If you have layers you’d better add these highlights to your stylish layers. They will bring out your cool haircut.



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