Hottest Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

While many dye their brunette locks in various ombre styles we offer new hot highlights for dark brown hair. Since highlights will never leave the world of hair coloring our smart hairstylist do their best to provide us with new hair highlighting ideas and options. If you long for a more natural and delicate look then keep on reading to discover the best highlights for your hair.highlights for dark brown hair 2019Balayage Highlights for Brown Hair

Balayage is a French word that literary means brush or sweep. This technique of hair coloring is sometimes confused with the ombre style but actually it’s something new. The final effect is a kind of mixture of light and dark strands that gifts you a natural-looking hairstyle. There is no color separation and the well-blend shades provide you with a subtler and prettier effect. These highlights easily lighten up dark brown hair and add more dimension to your tresses.balayage highlights for dark brown hair

balayage highlights for dark brown hair 2019Babylights for Dark Brown Hair

To enhance the beauty of dark chocolate, espresso or coffee brown locks you are welcome to opt for babylights. This is for women who don’t want to change their dark hair color into another one but need a slight change for it. Babylights are mini highlights that are generally applied on the face framing layers of hair. This cool trick adds more interest and prettiness to your hairstyle and compliments your skin tone. Your hair gains more depth and dimension and makes your hair look fuller. So, women who have thin hair may go for layers and add babylights to their front strands. You keep your natural hair as well as get a fresh and prettier effect. The layers which are going to be highlighted should be at least shoulder length so that you can be provided with a rich and impressive hair highlight effect.

babylights for dark brown hair

babylights for dark brown hair 2019Ecaille for Dark Brown Hair

Actually ecaille is not a hair highlighting technique but it’s a new hair color trend. The thing is that the final effect of this hair color is closer to highlights and looks like fresh highlights on hair. This is the main reason why many call it a highlighting option for tresses. Anyway, it’s a soft and very tender hair coloring idea for dark brown hair. The only difference between ecaille and other highlights is that ecaille has provides us with richer hair color palette full of honey blonde, caramel and hazelnut shades. It’s more sophisticated in its style and tends to bring a seductive touch in your look. The final result of this coloring leads to a stunning multi-tone style which, surprisingly, looks quite natural and classy.ecaille hair color idea for 2019



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