Edgy Hair Color Ideas for 2019

When it comes to edgy or bold hair colors the millions of options make you to get confused. You look for a few trendy ideas but they are really many. But what I am going to show you today is all stylish and very required in the world of fashion. Check out this string of edgy hair colors for 2019 and be inspired.  edgy hair colors 2019Purple Hair Color

All the ravishing shades of purple are trendy in 2019. From deep purple to the lightest lavender hues there are many hair colors that you can match with your skin tone. Ladies with love and dark complexions can go for darker shades and those who have light skin tones and light eyes may choose the lovely pastel hues of lilac and lavender. This hair color is very pretty on long hair and goes with all seasons.purple hair color 2019Vibrant Red and Purple Highlights

If you want to dye your hair in the bright hues of autumn then pick orangey red and vibrant purple shades. Try to get chunky highlights all over your straight hair and in case you have a short haircut your hair coloring will be much easier and more impressive. You can even go for a deep purple and vibrant red ombre hairstyle.vibrant red hair colors 2019Turquoise Ombre Hair Color

Lately turquoise is the most requited hair color among brunettes. They choose it to make their dark brown or black hair very sophisticated, subtle and, of course, eye-catching. All you need is just dying the ends of your tresses in light and dark turquoise shades. The result is cool both on straight and curly hairstyles and no matter you have short or long hair.turqouse hair color ombre 2019Blue Black Hair Color

If you look for another way to change your dark hair color the blue black is for you. There are two types of blue black hair colors. The first one if a pure deep blue which is close to black hair colors and the second one is a blue highlighting idea for black hair. Both are vibrant and very bold especially on edgy haircuts. They go with dark skin tones as well as with light complexions.blue black hair color 2019Pastel Hair Colors

Pastel hues along with light blonde hair colors create the most delicate hairstyles. You may either dye all your hair in a light pastel hair color or you can add pastel highlights on your blonde hair. Another version is the trendy pastel ombre style. It is more popular in 2019.pastel hair highlights 2019Edgy Dip Dyed Ends

Girls who are thinking of changing the dull look of their long hair are welcome to experiment the bright ends. All you need is just opting for a dip dying technique choosing a vibrant hair color that goes with your current hair color.dip dyed tips 2019



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